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Why is Tooth Extraction Necessary for Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

by velmagcleghorn

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Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth that grow into the mouth of an adult (between the ages of 17 and 25). However, the third molars have problems with impaction when there's not enough room for them to emerge normally. Some people experience a little discomfort (and are without seeming dental problem) because of this. Nevertheless, they find them hard to clean because they're hard to get to. They become prone to oral cavities, as well as gum disease. Impacted wisdom teeth may also lead to severe pain, damage the other teeth and bring about dental problems. If this happens to you, is it essential for your dentist in Austin TX to remove your teeth?

Typically, dental experts will need tooth extraction to impacted wisdom teeth that cause pain and dental complications. Some oral surgeons may even advise removal even if they do not present any evident problem only to steer clear of future issues to arise.

Symptoms for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

You will know if your impacted wisdom teeth carry bacterial infections already and later on bring damage to your other teeth if you encounter symptoms like red or inflamed gums, bad breath, headache, pain, bleeding gums, irritation around the jaw and others. You will have to visit your dentist in Austin TX immediately.

Preparations prior to Visiting Your Dentist

Get ready to some of his queries. Remember the first day you encountered the symptoms. Take note of the other difficulties that you encounter, such as chewing at the back of your mouth. Tell him about your oral hygiene and in case you notice bleeding every time you brush and floss your teeth. After making queries, he will begin analyzing your teeth and gum. He will verify if you have impacted wisdom teeth and check the condition of your other teeth, specifically those that are near them, and gum. He will also evaluate if you have other dental issues. He may ask for dental x-ray to see the presence of impacted teeth and the indications of damage to your teeth or bone.

What Happens During Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is typically performed as an outpatient procedure. Because of this, you can return home right after treatment. Your tooth doctor may numb your mouth through the use of local anesthesia. Depending on the situation, he may place you under sedation.

During wisdom tooth removal, he may create an opening in your gums through incision. In case there is a bone that prevents him from getting to the impacted tooth, he may eradicate this as well. Soon as he is able to extract the tooth, he will close the wound through stitches and place gauze in the treated area. He will give you instructions on how you will handle the wound when you feel pain and you notice puffiness before you leave.

Make sure that you stick to the guidelines set forth by your dentist in Austin TX to avoid further problems. Don't be afraid to call him if you have other questions.


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