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All That You Wanted to Know About Cloud Computing Deployment

by swethar

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Cloud computing, the latest trend and the fruitful result of the information technology revolution has proven its excellence in addressing many problems. The Cloud Computing has shown a fantastic solution for most of the inherent limitations of the information technology field. As a result of this cloud computing technology, a company can work for another company; work with another company even if they are situated at quite different corners of the globe.

In the cloud computing, the data, the software placed at one part of the globe. The data or the software can be accessed by any individual or the company as per the norms mutually agreed upon by them. Number of different companies or individuals can use this data simultaneously, make updates and work on the process. The data or the software can be accessed remotely from any part of the globe. This is the advantage of this technology.

This technology is deployed in a number of ways by the individuals as well as the corporate. The following are four major deployments of the technology.

Public Cloud

The very name depicts that it is meant for the general public as well as the companies. In this model, the physical resources like the storage equipment, server would be owned by a third party. The third party would offer services to various customers based upon their requirement. The customers can access the data stored through their credentials on any public internet. The charges would be levied based on the usage of the customers.

Private Cloud

The private cloud can be addressed as an isolated cloud technology. Here, the physical resources would be managed either by the owner or by a third party. The services are usually offered on the demand from the clients. The client usually requires minimal hardware and software to use it. The server can be set up either onsite or offsite. This can be said as the highest privacy and security assuring model because all the security and privacy issues are handled very effectively. The possibility for the entrance of new element in the server is absolutely negligible.

Community Cloud

This model of cloud computing is derived with the combination of features of public cloud as well as private cloud. This model resembles the public cloud in the aspect that the data, software can be used by multiple clients simultaneously. Similar to the Private cloud model, the model would be owned by a group of organizations. The companies that are known to each other can access the data. The cloud computing community would access it and makes updates.

Hybrid Cloud

This is a customized model that adopts the beneficial features of all other models. So there exists no unique structure for this model.

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