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Do Women Enjoy Performing Anal Sex?

by Aninda

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Anal sex was not so popular in the past. However, the people of these modern days always try to do something new and many people today hugely experience anal sex. As adult DVDs are available in the market, so it is very easy to learn any type of sexual intercourse. Anal sex is very much popular among the fay people. But if you want to perform anal sex, with your female partner, will she feel comfortable? It is very important question. You will never get the expecting sexual pleasure if you fail to satisfy or your partner. Even if your partner does not comfortable to perform any sex position, this may also harm your sexual life. So before you perform anal sex with your partner, try to know if she is comfortable with it or not!

What Type of Hesitations Women May Face?

Many women disgusted any kinds of mention of anal sex. Many women have their own religious value and they think that it is not right to perform anal sex. Many women also fear about the fact that it is a kind of gay tendency! Many women also have bad experience with anal sex, just like butt pain or even blooding or something else. But there are also some women who love anal sex or any kinds of sensation which is able to give her sensual pleasure. If you think that your female partner has not any problem regarding the bad side of anal sex, then you can influence her to perform anal sex. It may happen that, you may make her happy and can get a wonderful chance to enjoy an awesome anal sex!

Many women dislike the anal sex and sometimes they do not know even why they hate it! There are also some women who really enjoy the pain on a particular masochistic level. Many women also love to perform group sex and they love to perform sex with two to three men together penetrating each of 2 or even 3 holes at once! Anal sex is just like a challenge, Sometimes many young ladies love to take this challenge. However, if you want to perform anal sex with any woman, then you have to understand that woman first to know her desires.

Anal sex can be occasional refreshing sex alternatives to the usual vaginal sex. It is a different form of sex which will give your different type of sensual pleasure. You will be able to enjoy the sense of forbidden. Though many people find this very uncomfortable, but a huge amount of people also love this anal sex. It is does not fact whether you are a gay or not, nowadays even the straight people love to perform anal sex. Many women sometime use different types of sex toys to get the experience of anal sex. A huge amount of women really enjoy performing anal sex, though they were afraid of anal sex at the initial time. But when they start to perform it, they feel much more comfortable sometimes better than the vaginal sex. Sometimes anal sex is also very important if you want to get back the previous shape of your vagina. Anal sex creates a pressure, which helps the vagina to get back its shape. If you are interested about anal sex, then you can learn about different anal sex positions from the latest porn DVDs. Latest porn DVDs will show you different sex positions just in a single movie and you will also be able to know the latest techniques to perform those with your partner.


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