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iPhone Repair in Fort Worth at Your Rescue

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Are you looking for a reliable iPhone repair Fort Worth company to take care of your phone? Since you have spent quite an amount to get this phone, you will certainly not want an inexperienced professional to handle it. Here we shall discuss how the professional iPhone repairing centers in Fort Worth or for that matter in any other parts of the world can help you deal with some of the common problems that you might face with your iPhone from time to time.

 Battery Replacement or Repair: If your iPhone’s battery is not in a sound condition, you cannot get the most out of it. Your phone’s battery must be replaced, so that it’s not too late and your mobility gets affected if you are not able to use your phone from any location.

 Cracked Screen: iPhone screens are generally made of special kind of glass that does not crack easily. However, even if the screen breaks accidentally, you need not worry and get it serviced by professionals experienced in iPhone repair.

 Home Button not Functioning: Home button is one of the most important buttons in an iPhone. However, with constant use it might begin to stick, making it difficult for you to get back the control over your phone. Rather than trying repairing it yourself, you must leave it on the experts to repair your iPhone.

 Water Damage: If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone in a pool or toilet, there is a good chance that your iPhone won’t function properly. You have the iPhone repair experts in Fort Worth to bring back your phone back in a normal condition.

 Dock Connector Not Functioning: If the dock connector does not function properly, it won’t be possible for you to charge your iPhone.

 Antenna Issue: If you do not find a signal after repairing your iPhone, there could be issues with the antenna. When the antenna is disconnected, the metal surrounding it might get slightly bent. Professionals use a nylon spudger round the metal before disconnecting the antenna again. iPhone repair experts keep in mind the following aspects while reattaching the antenna:

1. There are 4 teeth that must be correctly placed under the iPhone 4 frames.

2. Screws holding the speaker assembly must be screwed down tightly.

3. The antenna wire must be clipped down the logic board.

iPhones are sophisticated electronic devise that might have problems with constant use. You can rely on an iPhone repair shop to handle all the problems with a relative ease. You must always keep in mind to get your iPhone repaired by experienced professionals only.

The Fixi Shop offers iPhone repair services in Fort Worth and helps you enjoy your peace of mind. To know what an iPhone is, you may visit

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