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Things to do for your travel in Kaiping

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When visitng Kaiping for your affordable China tours, you can do the following things.

1. Ever Joint Hotel

A picture of the Ever Joint Hotel and the Bank of China building on the other side of the river from where my Grandparent's live. Apparently the Ever Joint Hotel (pretty bad name for a hotel !) is a five star hotel in Kaiping. Living in North America, I can't say I would rate it five stars but for Kaiping, it's the best of the best. I had a chance to view a room since my Aunt booked one after my Uncle had flown in from Beijing or Shanghai (was there for business) and visted with us for a few days in Kaiping. They have since purchased an apartment overlooking the Tan Jiang River and the Ever Joint Hotel.

The Ever Joint hotel serves Dim Sum in their restaurant.

2. Glass Boat

The Glass Boat isn't a real boat. It's a restaurant where we went to eat just about every single day we were in Chang Sha. The food is pretty good and the prices are really cheap (if you're not from China). I think for the locals, it's probably a bit pricey. I had the plate of fried rice every time I went. My family had all sorts of stuff like Congee, Fish, Fried Noodles, etc etc.

3. Massage

Kaiping is a relatively boring city but one of the great things to do is just having a nice massage after your tired popular China tours. I would recommend foot massage which is really cheap about 50 rmb for two hours. Its great to have when you have wander all day and your feet is tired. A body massage will cost about the same and they do an excellent job. I usually fall asleep half way and wake up energize afterwards. A tip of $5rmb or more is always welcome by the staff because most of them make less than $50rmb a day but it is not required.

There are also other mature massages in Kaiping but I will not go into it. All taxi drivers know the different locations and can recommend the best spots. Just be friendly with them and they will kindly advice you.

4. Chang Sha Park

My dad came to this park almost every day at 3 pm because that's when they had free Chinese Opera Concerts. Lots of the locals hang out here with their friends - mainly the elderly. They come here to hang out and gamble / play dominos and other games. It's a great place to people watch for your best tours of China.

5. Map of Kaiping at Liyuan Gardens

It's rare to find a good map of Kaiping that shows the names of the villages in Chinese and English. I found this map in one of the buildings at Liyuan Gardens. This particular building has articles and pictures that talk about the history of the watchtowers in Kaiping.

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