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Behind the Cost of Luxury Automotive Repair in Ann Arbor

by princemoss

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In 2007, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducted a study comparing the repair costs between a normal car and luxury car, represented by a Hyundai Sonata and an Infiniti G35, respectively. They cars' corner bumpers were made to collide at 6 mph. The damage to the Sonata was repaired at $739; the G35 at more than four times that amount.

You might wonder what the G35's bumper is made of—some expensive material not found on earth, maybe? Not exactly, but the choice of materials and the car's first-class features are factors that influence the increased cost of luxury automotive repair in Ann Arbor. They don't call cars like the G35 and the Lexus IS 250 “luxury cars” for no reason: leather seats and detailed finishes also contribute to the expense of luxury car repairs.

Today, many cars have state-of-the-art computers managing vital functions such as the brakes and navigation. Experts estimate the average car contains no more than 20 computers that manage specific functions of the car. All this technology can put the mechanic in a bind, especially if he's not up-to-date on the latest in modern car technology.

Each advancement in technology also means additional intricate procedures for taking the computers and the parts out for diagnosis. Old tools of the trade may not work for new technology, which is why Ann Arbor luxury automotive repair shops take time to equip themselves and be familiar with novel repair techniques. As the car evolves, so does the mechanic.

You might argue that the bumper of a G35 doesn't contain anything special compared to the bumper of a Sonata. Fiberglass is a top choice for the fenders of tomorrow, which entails higher fuel efficiency but higher repair costs as well. Replacement parts for luxury cars tend to be more expensive than parts for mainstream cars, not just because of the brand. This is why it's best to reconsider before buying a car; you have to take repair and maintenance into account.

Go to for more information about the cost of repairing luxury cars, collision or no collision. You can also read the report by the IIHS on their website:

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