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Software jobs India: Industry scenario

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When the demand for information technology spurted at the beginning of the new century, India found herself in a leading position supported by her large pool of talented technicians. The importance of India steadily grew as large IT companies realized the advantages of using her affordable talent pool of bigger benefits. This has helped them bringing down their software development, testing and implementation costs and optimized their profit. As a result, many leading IT MNCs shifted their development centers to India.

Today, information technology is the most thriving industry in India offering employment to thousands of technicians and IT graduates and thus generating revenues in billions of dollars. Software jobs India today is the most sought after career for students and graduates.

So, what will you be doing?

Software jobs India are available in different fields of information technology. From software development to offering IT customer support the options are quite varied depending upon your qualifications, experience or preferences.  India is a preferred outsourcing destination of leading IT giants so you can also find employment with market goliaths like – Microsoft, Oracle, IBM etc. along wide the leading internal brands like -   TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, and more.

Most of these companies render technical expertise to their clients from Indian offices. It sometime means deployment to client location during project execution phase. IT professionals enjoy a financially secured life with opportunities to grow both professionally and economically.

Some of the most challenging IT job profiles are:

  • IT support: You will be the part of the main IT crowd offering front-end technical solutions to users or clients. As a help desk agent, you will be responsible for managing the network and IT system of the organization. Installing and performing health checks on the system so that optimum performance standard is maintained.
  • Software developers: If coding is your forte, then you are likely to feel home with software development. Apart from coding, jobs are also available in testing and software architecture depending upon your qualification and expertise. You can grow to become project leader or manager in the long run.
  • Database administration and management: Candidates with experience in database management would find jobs as database administrator, which includes architecting and managing database and server. Database management jobs such as - oracle database jobs are held in high regards. 
  • IT administrator: You will be responsible for maintaining the entire network and server system of the organization. The role of IT administrator is undergoing changes with the adoption of cloud technology. There are a lot of debates going on whether the role will still be relevant in a hosted, virtualized environment.  But you can be assured that the role of an IT administrator will become more pivotal in the coming days.

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