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Lip Augmentation Improves Your Smile

by gregore

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Plump, luscious lips are the stuff of dreams. A pretty little pout can enhance a smile and will turn many heads. Lovely lips are not just the property of Hollywood starlets. You too can have soft, sexy, gorgeous lips, if you so desire. Thanks to modern medicine, there are numerous procedures that are highly sought after, and safe that provides lip augmentation in Houston. You can have lips that rival Angelina Jolie. And why not? Why should actresses be the only ones who enjoy full sensual lips? If you would like to enjoy a more youthful appearance and a vivacious look, and you meet the criteria, you need only do a little research and find an appropriate cosmetic surgeon.

Types of lip augmentation procedures

A Houston lip augmentation surgeon, will offer a number of different procedures, and help to determine which one will be the most appropriate for your lips and facial structure. The volume of your top, bottom, or both lips can be increased. He or she may also offer a permanent option called a Perma Facial Implant. This is a safe and personalized solution that is FDA approved. It effectively fights wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing your lips fullness. Another method is the use of Restylane Injections. Hyaluronic acid exists biologically in your body, and its primary function is to transport and bind water. Restylane is FDA approved. It is injected under the skin with immediate results that, depending on the patient, last from six to 12 months. Fat injections or liposculpture is another method that uses a patient’s own fat cells. These cells are removed from unwanted fat deposits in other parts of the body. The fat is then injected under the skin. The duration is from a few months to several years.

A <a href="">lip augmentation</a> procedure may seem like a minimal form of beauty enhancement, especially when compared with other major plastic surgeries, such as tummy tucks or body lifts. There is truth in what the old cliché says: good things come in small packages. A relatively small and simple procedure, on a relatively small area, can effect a major enhancement to your features. Your lips are a fundamental part of your complete appearance. Enhanced lips are feminine and attractive.

Is a lip enhancement procedure right for me?

If you have undersized, deflated, or irregular lips, or they lack color, you are a good candidate for lip augmentation in Houston. Some people need reconstruction from illness or accidents; others have wrinkled lips from smoking, or the natural process of aging. Whatever reason you are considering lip enhancement, there are safe effective solutions available to you. Lip enhancement treatment will help balance your facial features, enhance the beauty of your face as a whole, and make you appear younger looking. You can have beautiful lips that will make you smile the smile you have always wanted.

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