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Keep it clean to sell your used car

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There's typically a 10-20 percent difference between what a dealer will give you for your used car or truck as a trade in and what you could probably sell a used car for manually. The downside, of course, is that you have to sell your used car manually. And that means dealing with off-hour phone names, interacting with guests, some of whom may be sketchier than the people you sometimes see on Jerry Springer as well as the attendant paperwork hassles. But the process of selling your used car will go easier -- and you'll be happier at the end of it all -- if you adhere to a few basic rules:

Don't drive around with a "used car for sale" sign (and your home phone number) taped to the car -- This can encourage crimes of opportunity, i.e., no-good-niks spot you (especially if you are a woman) in the car and target dealer. Place a used car for how to sell cars  ad in the classified section of your local newspaper or on autotrader, cominstead; this way, you can screen people over the phone; if someone sounds weird or gives you the move stealthily, you can always just tell them the car has been sold.


Only agree to meet with prospective buyers someplace safe and public, your work, for illustration. For the same reasons mentioned on top of a paragraph,you can see it, try to avoid having strangers come to your residence. You should also specify in your ad acceptable times to call -- and times after which you do not wish to be called.


Describe how to sell cars core objective revealing known flaws, if there is any as well as providing relevant documents such as service work invoices, and so on. If you are trying to sell a used car that has a bad transmission of needs brakes -- inform prospective customers. Playing fair is not only the right thing to do it pretty much eliminates any worry about an irate "sucker" tracking you down later to get yet. If you are selling a used car that has any defect or problem that could make it hazardous to function, do not allow unsuspecting people to operate the car. You should have any such problems fixed before you put the "used car for sale" ad in the paper -- or indicate in the ad that the vehicle is not currently in operable condition.


Ask to see a driver's license and proof of insurance before you let a buyer drive the car -- and make absolutely sure the driver is at least 18 years older. by no means, ever allow an unattended minor to drive your automobile how to sell cars they wreck or damage car, the under-18 driver may not be legally liable. Insist a parent be present before allowing a test drive. Also be aware that if the driver is not sure, you could get left holding the bag in the event an accident happens during the test drive of your vehicle. Be sure to write down the prospective buyer's DL info -- and make sure the person matches the description before turning over the keys.

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