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Tips for Backpackers and College Students

by Parisapartment

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Traveling in Europe before, during or after college seems to be a rite of passage among many young adults. This trip acts not only as a way to see the world, but also to discover one’s self. While the specific destinations vary from person to person, there are several cities that are on nearly everyone’s list, including London, Berlin and Paris, among many others.

Paris, specifically, is a city that nearly 70 million people visit every year. Backpackers and college students that want to visit the capitol of France may be initially put off by the cost, but there are simple ways that a traveler can save money while still enjoying everything Paris has to offer. Below are some tips that can make your trip to Paris affordable.

Rent a flat in Paris short term

One of the lesser-known secrets of saving while staying in Paris is renting a Paris apartment. Hotels in Paris can be very expensive or very tiny, which does not bode well for college students or those traveling in large groups. Renting an apartment means that you are able to spread out, enjoy a meal in with a full kitchen and feel like a true Parisian while you are in the City of Lights. While many travelers on a budget would prefer to stay in hostels because of the cheap rates, apartment rentals are a slightly more expensive and more comfortable alternative to this option.

Buy a Metro pass
Paris has a vast public transit system, which includes 16 lines that travel throughout the city. In order to save money on transportation, it is advisable to purchase a Metro pass that can travel to more than one zone, as there are six zones in total. Buying multi-day passes or several trips at once can also help to keep costs down.

Research, research, research!
The basis of any great trip is research. Though this may seem redundant, planning a trip is a way for travelers to save a great deal. For example, the first Sunday of each month is a great time to visit museums since most museums offer free entry. Taking the time to plan will help you save in the long run.

If you are interested in Paris short term rentals, be sure to visit the website of Paris Address at Their rentals vary in size, price and amenities. Rent a flat in Paris short term to ensure that you save money on your accommodations while in France.

Leo Cartwright is a resident of Columbia, South Carolina, but spends most of his time traveling for work. Though he enjoys spreading his knowledge about travel, including the affordable Paris apartment for rent from, he loves being home on the East Coast. In his free time, he brews his own beer and works out.

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