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Investment Manager Selection & Due Diligence Processes

by keillyparker

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THE CORLISS GROUP’s capability to recognize asset management aptitude in the area of alternative investments has constantly proven our facility to operate within this market area. Candidates are initially sourced out through our network of strategic partners, long-standing relationships and referrals from managers, trading desks, service providers and other potential sources.


The Firm's due diligence process is rigorous and systematic. Due diligence is viewed as a mosaic where qualitative and quantitative information is assembled and analyzed. Issues such as manager reputation, integrity, personal commitment and potential conflicts of interest are meticulously and objectively assessed.


How a manager's firm is organized, staffed and compensated are critically important factors in our assessment. We constantly watch over the manager's investment as well as its organizational skills to determine possible sources of problems.


THE CORLISS GROUP is founded on the distinct mission of serving the growing need for alternative investments among high net-worth and smaller institutional investors in the present dynamic markets. In sourcing equities, hedge fund, private equity, fund-of-funds and real estate ventures, our experienced managers develop offerings that are suitable for a broad range of qualified investors. With an extensive track record across alternative investments, but not limited to these markets, THE CORLISS GROUP has established a broad platform of offerings to provide discriminating investors’ growing demands in an increasingly multifaceted investment environment.

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