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The Growing Technology of Thin Clients

by liyo89

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A thin client is a phrase use to describe a computer terminal, that is a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, which is slowly based on its server. It could be said that the client is just a graphics user interface provided to multiple users, while the main computation is done on the server. The thin client was introduced in 1990s by IBM, which had a server-based computer with UNIX operating system. It was a low-end computer with ordinary memory and processor. However, the computers had terminals that used a command line prompt. Then the revolution actually began, when Windows NT was used as a multi- user platform. By the introduction of Multi-user platform, many companies found out that such systems could help them in maintaining their budget, while enabling them to work in a productive environment.


By the start of the new century, the client was a computer, but with very limited specs. Most of the work is done by the server. These lower-end computers are used to perform light tasks, such as documentations, or internet surfing. All the heavy processes and programs and the operating system runs on the back-end server. Then IBM introduced EXX thin clients, which are really praised by the critics and users. They revolutionized the way of working. Many universities also started to use these computers in libraries, where students would browse over the internet or do some reading using the e-readers.


The speeds of the computer have changed since thin client in india were introduced. The speed started from 200 MHz and reached 500MHz. This enabled faster individual processing. The speed of the computers kept increasing by the passing year, until the ultra-thin clients were introduced. The ultra-thin clients were often called zero clients. They are nothing more than programs, that are uploaded by the server and the program allows a user to view a server display over the monitor and work on it. These ultra-thin clients further revolutionized the use of computers in a dedicated environment.


If you want to get the low cost thin client computers, then in present times you can discover many manufacturers and service providers that offer thin clients for you. So what are you waiting for? Just go through the internet and look for the reliable and trustworthy manufacturer as per your requirements and financial statement.


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