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NYC Hurricane Sandy Mold Crisis Creates Unsafe Living

by anonymous

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1888 Press Release - As summer is just getting started in NYC post Hurricane Sandy, 11 billion gallons of sewage mixed with seawater flooding the city, toxic mold growth, and allergens are all currently contributing to unsanitary living conditions for residents of New York City.


New York, NY - Eight months later, residents and business owners of NYC are still struggling with the wide array of Post Sandy clean up, removal, repair, and rebuilding processes.


In a recent interview with a prominent New York City mold removal company EntireEnviro, a spokesperson for the company stated," It is a tragedy that so many people have had to endure the many different hardships stemming from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The fact that most of NYC was flooded with raw sewage and seawater, along with the lack of response for removing the contaminated water as there was no power, has caused thousands upon thousands of homes, properties, and businesses to literally soak in this contaminated water for periods of two plus weeks.


Due to this fact, many of these buildings are now experiencing a tremendous amount of mold and mildew that is in turn causing some very serious health risks. Furthermore, as the flood waters also left thousands of people homeless, the vast majority of these vacant properties are now becoming prime breeding grounds for contaminated toxic mold to grow and flourish, further compounding and complicating the entire City's response for not only removing mold, but more so to stop the chance of a severe mold epidemic breaking out all over New York City and surrounding areas. As it only takes 24-48 hours for mold to start growing, along with the lack of response for mold removal, and eight months with summer upon us, many New Yorker's are reportedly seeing mold growing throughout their homes, off of abandoned homes, and spreading to sidewalks and other publicly accessed areas. The threat level for a mold pandemic for New York City is very real and could last for years to come if not eradicated properly."


Considering the amount of exposure Hurricane Sandy has been receiving, along with the numerous charitable efforts contributed, and combined with all of the federal funding and grants for Post Sandy clean up, why is there mold growing literally within the streets of New York City?


For more information on mold inspections in NYC for Hurricane Sandy Relief, please contact

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