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Emerald Knight Bamboo Projects - Uses of Bamboo

by sabrinagarza

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Perhaps the most amazing thing about bamboo is how quickly it grows, and how quickly it regenerates itself after it is cut. This renewability is unheard of in most of nature's resources, such that the many valuable uses of bamboo almost seem like a bonus over this wondrous ability.

Bamboo's widespread use was once traditionally confined to countries in Asia where the plants were endemic; but the rest of the world has finally begun to take notice. Emerald Knight Bamboo projects not only to help people profit from bamboo, but also to raise bamboo awareness. Here’s some of the proof of bamboo's ubiquity:


Bamboo is best known as building material for small houses in Asian countries. It’s a highly popular choice to build scaffolding to put up high rises in Hong Kong, and is now a material that’s used in construction in other parts of the world, as well. Bamboo’s use in North America, however, is currently limited to use as a flooring alternative to traditional lumber.


Pandas feed almost exclusively on bamboo, but they aren’t the only ones who’ve discovered the value of bamboo as a food. Bamboo shoots, in particular, are a mainstay in some Asian diets with countries such as Indonesia, Nepal, and India boasting of their signature bamboo dishes. Aside from its importance in Asian cuisine, bamboo has found its way into the kitchen in the form of pots, steamers, and utensils such as ladles, spoons, and forks.


Traditionally used in making clothing accessories, bamboo is now also available as material in fabric. Technology has been developed to make either 100% bamboo yarn or bamboo yarn mixed with cotton. Clothes that have been made with bamboo were found to be more resistant to breakage and to have better moisture absorption.

Other Uses

In Chinese medicine, bamboo is used to treat infections. It is also a popular material in fishing rods—especially the split cane rod—which is prized by fly fishermen. Bamboo is also used for weaponry, writing and musical instruments, and ornaments in some countries. It is a plant that figures much in Asian history and culture.

Many more uses for bamboo are just waiting to be discovered. Initiatives like the Emerald Knight Bamboo Projects can help further these developments. For more information on this subject, you can visit

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