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Silicon Vibrators changing All Existing Trends

by kingpaul

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At the very onset of this write-up, let one thing be clear for once and for all. As an individual, this individual has have worked in a prominent sex toyshop for years. As such, when it comes to adult toy merchandises, this individual has a thing or two to share with. Before being introduced to this amazing world of adult toys, my knowledge into this was pretty limited. However, this does not imply, now with years of experiences under my belt at this stage, I have got to understand this industry inside out. One thing that is very true about the said industry can be summed up in the following words. The crux of this business is nothing but severe magnitude of creativity.   

Intense research on developing sex toys is an obvious fact. The prominent adult toy manufacturers invest fortunes on research and development (R&D) aspect. The most significant development on this aspect has been invention of the Silicone. This amazing substance has indeed revolutionized the fundamental concept of designing adult toys. Advantages of silicon as the chief constituent of adult toys can be summed up as follows.

  1.         i.            Silicon warms up to body temperature pretty fast
  2.       ii.            It holds the temperature longer than ordinary plastic or rubber
  3.     iii.            Available in varying densities, along with an unbelievable range of colors and shapes, etc.
  4.     iv.            Silicon is prone to vibrations; a comparatively weaker motor can result in registering an overwhelming vibration
  5.       v.            Silicon toys are easy to wash and clean

 However, there is a flip side to it as well. In most of the ordinary adult toyshops, most of the items that are sold as silicon are actually a mixer of rubber with a small amount of silicon. As such, most of the so-called silicon toys are ideal mixers of silico-rubber combinations. However, there are several adult toy manufacturers who sell 100% silicon made merchandises. Pure silicon materials possess certain qualities, which are as follows.

  1. These are soft
  2. Chemically inert
  3. Hypoallergenic and
  4. Do not contain phthalates

As a matter of fact, these new-age adult toys are also referred to as toxic merchandises. Phthalates or plasticizers are often used in the industry to make certain products more flexible. Phthalates – especially in the adult toy merchandises – are used to provide that soft cushy feel. Thanks to the invention of silicon, phthalates have become almost obsolete in the manufacturing of hi quality adult toys. As such, in the recent times a sex toy vibrator is manufactured without the use of phthalates. Adult toys should better be sterilized on a regular manner. In case, a toy in particular is to be shared between partners, it is safe to ensure bodily fluids do not come in direct contact with the merchandise in question. Sex vibrator toys as such have tremendous demand across the entire consumer base. Technology has enabled small motors providing amazing magnitude of vibration. Impressive battery backups and overall durability of these products are the main USPs that these merchandises exhibit.

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