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Meticulous Design Considerations for Exhibition Stands

by rocksolidpromotions

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If you are planning to place your exhibition display stands in a local exhibition, you have two basic options—modular exhibition display stands and portable exhibition display stands. If you hire exhibition stand contractors, you will be given the best guidance in the selection of the ideal exhibition display stand. However, if you have the confidence of selecting or designing your own exhibition display stand, then you can do it, but with some guidance.


When you are designing the exhibition display stand for the exhibition, you will have to keep in mind that the exhibition display stand needs to be results-driven and attention-getting. These two characteristics may appear to be very simple, but there are some guiding principles that need to be followed meticulously.


If you want your exhibition display stand to be attractive, you will have to focus on two key aspects—graphics and content. Most exhibition display stand designers would give equal focus on the graphics and the content, but there are some that would give more attention to the graphics. Again, this purely depends on what kind of product you are selling. If your product relies a lot on graphics to sell, then you will surely have to give more focus on the graphics and vice versa.


It is very hard to design exhibition display stands that are result oriented because you cannot predict the sales of the product in advance. This is where experience comes into the picture. When you have an experienced exhibition display stand designer doing the design for you, he or she will make sure that the displays are positioned in the right manner. When you want results, you will have to make sure that the location of the exhibition display stand is in the right place in the exhibition centre. There are some places in the exhibitions that are frequently visited by the people. It is important that you get to know the right statistics so that you can take the most prudent decision.


You can do some research on your own by visiting the exhibition venue during another exhibition. When you are moving around in the exhibition, you will have to keep an eye on the general public. Make a note of the locations that you see more people walking. When you walk around, you will get to know the dead areas in the exhibition. By and large, you will get the idea of the best location when you visit the same exhibition at least once before your exhibition date.


An island exhibition display stand is one of the most expensive stands that you will find during exhibitions. As the name suggests, this type of stand will have more space and definitely more options than the other kinds of exhibition display stands. Also, in most exhibitions, the island exhibition stands are in the centre of the exhibition venue. You will definitely not miss out on the visitors when you have a good island exhibition display stand. The basic characteristic of the island exhibition display stand is that it is open from all the sides.


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