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Virtual Private Server (VPS), why to go for it?

by anonymous

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A VPS, Virtual Private Server is the ideal blend between dedicated servers and shared hosting servers. It’s cost effective and efficient. It is the ideal choice all types of users from avid bloggers to big Internet companies. A VPS is the most efficient web hosting service of the modern web world. Let’s understand some of the salient features a VPS!

  1. 1.       VPS, it is expandable: Whenever you want whatever you want.
  2. 2.       Persistent Storage Solution: 100% data safe
  3. 3.       Customized Firewall: Customize your security options
  4. 4.       Dedicated Mail Server: Your own mail server.


VPS runs on most of the power systems available today. In a single hardware set numerous VPS runs sharing the resources. It helps to customize each of the VPS in a very effective way. There are the highest levels of security options of each individual VPS.

One of the most important features of VPS is that one can install programs of the older versions as well. It is fully customizable in a very fraction of a cost as compared to traditional dedicated web server hosting services. Thus, the VPS provides top of the line features set for the cost conscious small enterprises to very demanding big internet companies. It is the innovation that came from the demand of the modern day demand of multiple web environments.

VPS enjoys the same features as dedicated web servers. Salient points are:

  1. 1.       Rapid Setup: Why wait? Start immediately. Time is money.
  2. 2.       SSL Certificate: Do your business safely.
  3. 3.       Top of the line Servers and Routers: State of the art hardware.
  4. 4.       24x7x365 Security and Networking Monitoring: Complete peace of mind
  5. 5.       Admin Access: Install and Run anything on your virtual server.
  6. 6.       On demand upgrade:  Upgrade the hardware instantly.
  7. 7.       User managed Control-panel:  Manage the control panel from a user-friendly console.


Benefits of the Virtual Private Server:

  1. 1.       A VPS is very inexpensive as compared to the dedicated web server.
  2. 2.       They are highly customizable. So customize what you want, and pay for what you use. No more countless features, which you will ever use.
  3. 3.       VPS is scalable. Grow your server capabilities as your business grows. Start small and grow, according to your demand in business and needs. It is one of the top reasons why people choose a VPS solution right away.
  4. 4.       Full root access. Install whatever programs or scripts you use. It’s impossible in a shared hosting environment.
  5. 5.       Enjoy same technical support as other hosting services.
  6. 6.       Users have option of choosing semi managed hosting services or fully managed services.



VPS is ideal bridge between shared hosting services and dedicated services. The main advantage is that the user gets total control of the server with a much lesser cost. It’s a smarter option for a smarter planet.

Maximize your business with Virtual Private Services from anywhere of the world. The service covers wide array of industries. You can select from the wide variety of plans available from the service providers or you can even customize the right plan that is the best suitable for you.

Virtual Private Server Web hosting is the right choice for your growing business.




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