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Venice - Magical Vacation in The Queen of the Adriatic

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A unique land mass of 117 separate islands, formed by 177 canals which are linked by more than 400 bridges, Venice is one of the most important tourist sites in the world. Everyone dreams of going to Italy and spending time lazily floating around in the gondolas on the canals, serenaded by the gondoliers while enjoying wine and olives. Venice exudes a quaint, varied, yet imminently Western European vibe and you can be sure to see the many cultures that have influenced the lifestyle throughout the ages. The art and one-of-a-kind architecture seen only in Venice will take you on a travel through time as you slowly make your way from one island to the other.

The idea of a trip to Europe can be a little daunting for most people because of the misconceptions born of budget constraints. But, this worry is groundless, as millions of tourists visit Venice each year and most of them are not rich and affluent people. They are just normal people who know how to go there and where to stay. There are many cheap hotels in Venice available for the average traveler. Most of the hotels in Venice know what a typical tourist expects and provide great deals on accommodation, which are comfortable in your pocket. You can easily get a cheap stay at various hotels near famous landmarks like St. Mark’s Basilica, Lido di Venezia, Piazza San Marco, etc.

Float around the canals in beautiful gondolas, while being serenaded by the gondoliers while enjoying wine and olives. Take in the rich history, art, culture, and unique architecture that imbibed in Venice without burning a hole in your pockets. Many travel companies provide excellent package deals which recommend cheap hotels in Venice and contain everything needed to make your trip to Venice as romantic, leisure and comfortable as you want it to be. Visit the famous landmarks or just get lost in the twisting roadways and bridges, while taking in a unique European experience, which is part and parcel of Venice.

Venice is a major center of international conferences, festivals and events, like the Venice Film Festival, the Carnival of Venice and the Venice Biennale, which attracts many celebrated actors, celebrities, critics from all over the world. The rustic and elegant decadence of Venice is unique and cannot be experienced anywhere else. So book your package deals, stay in the cheap hotels in Venice, and experience Europe to your heart’s content. 

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