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Numerology Is The Art And Science Of Knowing Oneself

by leoturpin61

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The science of numerology is the analysis of the allegory of numbers. This science is used for determining the character, power, ability, obstructions, inner needs and expressiveness of a person and the meansby which a person deals with others. It does not matter what you want to know with the help of predictions through numbers, it will always give you the desired results no matter what. One can either use the predictions through numbersfor scrutinizing one’s life, or explore new arenas of life, or to verifythe hidden talents within oneself, or just to find a new way out. Numerology can be an acute tool that not only helps in understanding oneself better but also helps in understanding others also. It acquaints you with the entireportrait disclosing thevariedelements of your character and making you the person you are at present. Keeping everything in your full view, you can build your strengths and identify the weaknesses inside you.

Working of numerology:

We all know that each and everything in this worldhas its own vibrations and possess its individualoccurrence. If one is able to find the vibration rate of any object, one can easily find the merits and vigor linked with it. One can use only the name, date of birth, and the predictions through numbers for determining the main frequencies of a person. This analysis gives a detailed insight into the life of a person.

Astrology numerology:

Although astrology also depends upon the numbers, yet astrology makes an enhancement in this method of providing predictions. The solar system shows a heavenlyassociation between the numbers and the extraterrestrial bodies. Every number in the number system from zero to nine is governed by a planet, the moon or the sun. Also, each number is traditionally linked with an astrological zodiac sign. The science of numbers is a lesserdifficult system as compared to the art of astrology. And it is not necessary for oneself to have complete informationabout astrology in order to learn this technique. Nevertheless, knowledge of fundamentalastrologyenhances numerological reading. Astrology numerology, work together in bringing out the hidden qualities in a person.

Free Numerology:

There are many websites available over the internet where one can get afree numerology report just by entering the name, date, month and year of birth of a person and get the detailed analysis of the person in the form of a report. Generally, this free numerology report contains information like the ruling number between 0 and 9, the favorable dates, favorable weekdays of the month, personality traits, and favorablecolorsetc. which describe the qualities of a person.

Numerology 2013:

At the start of every year, people want to know about the things that are stored for them in future. Numerology 2013 was also predicted for the year of 2013. The numerology 2013 reports as shown and predicted by different numerologists on various websites contained the detailed analysis of each of the zodiac signs.

2013 Numerology:

The 2013 numerology report can be found easily over the internet on different websites. This report of 2013numerology determines the personality traits of various zodiac signs in the year 2013.


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