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How to Improve Your Memory Faster

by wandagcurry

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You are not struggling with memory loss but you realized that you are growing to be forgetful lately. One time, you are searching for your eyeglass and you requested assistance from your son. He smiled instantaneously because it was right on your head! You do not want to allow yourself to stay in this situation; hence, you are searching for ways on how to improve your memory faster. Here are some of them to help you:

Perform some exercises daily.

Exercises do not only help your body; they also benefit your brain, which depends on the energy it received by way of continuous intake of oxygen and nutrients from the blood flow. Therefore, you should increase your physical activity so as not to negatively affect the ability of your brain to function. But how will you do this if you are in the office for eight hours a day and you return home so tired already?

Walking is the most typical form of exercise. Whenever you have the opportunity, take a walk. Don't take the elevator or escalator. Likewise, make swimming a weekend activity for the entire family. You are then allowing everyone to benefit from your goal.

Have sufficient sleep.

At this time when everyone is on social media after school or after work, some can’t help but stay up late. This includes you. One secret on how to improve your memory faster is to steer clear of tweeting, posting status or publishing photos and others if you know it is already time to rest. Do not deny yourself of the eight-hour sleep rule. Do not even make an effort to bring work at home. You may be on your bed but falling asleep will never be successful knowing that you have numerous papers waiting for you to get up. Let it remain in the office.

Do not allow a day to pass without having a laugh.

Laughter involves a number of areas in the brain. Once you laugh at jokes or think about punch lines to throw to your friends, you induce some sections in your brain that encourages ingenuity and learning. So, take time to have fun. Think about some awkward moments and share it with your friends and family members. Play with kids; they can help you a lot in this.

Avoid getting consumed with stress.

As much as you can, eliminate stress from getting into your life. It damages your brain cells. It also causes harm to the hippocampus, which is the section of the brain that partcipates in the growth of new memories and restoration of old ones. In case you can’t help but get strained, you may want to learn how to reflect. Imagine things that make you happy and get rid of thoughts that make you sad.

Observe your diet.

Eat foods that are rich in Omega 3, including spinach, winter squash, soybeans and others. Be watchful of your calorie consumption. Make it a habit to drink green tea. Drink wine only sparingly.

Being forgetful is something that you should not take without any consideration because it impacts your day-to-day life. Pretty soon, you have overlooked a lot of things. It’s time to think about methods on how to improve your memory faster. Do the techniques above.


Fredda Branyon has dedicated her life to the advancement of complementary medicine. Fredda Branyon has worked diligently to educate both patients and physicians on the true power of hope.

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