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Far Infrared Sauna: How it Runs and Its Several Advantages

by lucyeury

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For some people, an all new technique to detoxify and relax is by using a cleansing far infrared sauna. These little and simple to maintain saunas use infrared, a form of radiation that the sun releases, minus damaging UV rays. Far infrared saunas have the capacity to warm the body without heating the air up too much which makes it uncomfortable. This allows you to enjoy more time inside the sauna without having to experience problem in breathing.

How it functions

Far infrared (FIR) is a natural occurring radiation found in 80 percent of solar energy. It is simply absorbed by the body and revitalizes cell metabolism which triggers cell repair and healing. FIR saunas can detoxify the body and take out as much as 20 percent of toxins including cholesterol and heavy metals compared with only about 7 percent in an ordinary sauna.


Easy to maintain An advanced far infrared sauna is simple to maintain because it doesn't use water vapor which could seep between cracks and gaps and cause mildew and mold growth. Since it depends on infrared rods and plates, cleaning is a lot simpler because it's more dry compared to steam baths.

Space saving Since steam saunas require water vapor, they have to be wide and roomy to accommodate the heating systems. FIR saunas utilize infrared emitting rods or plates that are connected onto an outlet to produce heat. They are readily available in different sizes--little enough for one person or large enough for 4; and are mobile and uncomplicated to assemble.

Health By utilizing far infrared rays, heat enters deeply in the body. When the body is heated up, blood circulation improves, and skin pores open up to form sweat. While steam saunas are only able to reach a few millimeters under the skin and people are made to sweat more water than toxins, far infrared saunas could reach up to four centimeters within the body and help expel toxins. It similarly helps alleviate body aches in joints and muscles, alleviates strain, and even lowers blood cholesterol levels.

With their direct body heating feature that can target problem parts, far infrared saunas have become an option for numerous people. Definitely, everybody wants a better immune system and a healthier body. To discover more about far infrared saunas, feel free to see the following links: or

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