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Mortgage Calculator

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Using A Mortgage Calculator

To Your Advantage


Home purchase decisions are critical ones as they involve huge amount of money. Thus one needs to be fully aware of the kind of long term commitments they are getting into and the impact it will have on their savings and the monthly budget. Well all these calculations need to be done well before you approach the lenders. These are complex decisions but are made a lot simpler with the use of the mortgage calculator.


There are several factors which decide the amount of loan one needs and the kind of interest rates they will qualify for. Of the several factors that the mortgage calculators take into account here are the few which will prove the insight into the impact on the calculations by the mortgage calculator.


Before approaching any lender one needs to ascertain the price of the property they can afford. Depending on the cost of the property one has to decide an amount of down payment possible for them. Down payments generally vary from 5% to 20% depending on the value of the property selected and the financial standing of the borrower. Higher down payment means that the borrower will require lesser loan amount and will be having a higher equity. This often is considered as a favorable condition for the borrower and they can get better loan terms and rate of interest.


Tenure of the loan: Shorter repayment period means lesser interest payment. Thus, a 15 year loan will require less payment towards the interest as compared to the 30 year loan. However, a longer duration always means a lower rate of interest.


Borrowers should not get confused that the lower interest rates over longer period are favorable. This is because the length of the repayments means more payments towards the interest.


Closing costs too, have a bearing on the loan amount. Most of the times lender takes the closing costs upfront or add up to the loan amount. One can get the impact of the closing costs on the monthly payments by entering the figure in thecalculator.


There are several mortgage calculators online. Some of the calculators are specifically designed for more specialized functions. Amortization calculator is one such calculator. One can easily find the online calculator.


Amortization calculators basically provide the interest and principal break-up from the monthly repayments we make towards the loan. One can ascertain the interest payment that they are making towards the loan. The amortization schedule is prepared monthly and one can easily understand the principal outstanding on the loan at any point of time just by looking at the schedule.


One needs to enter some of the details into the amortization calculators to get the schedule. These include loan amount, annual interest rate, tenure of the loans etc.


Once you provide all the details and submit, you can get the amortization schedule within a minute.


These calculators provide estimations depending on the information we feed on them. Property decisions are critical and require a lot of thinking and strategic planning.


These are very long term commitments and hence should be taken in consultation with experts only. 


We at believe in true partnership. We look forward to partner with you by providing all the relevant and updated information about the mortgage and related loans. We has a team of experts who provide updated, relevant guidance to all the users.

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