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Tips to Unclog Frozen Drains and Plumbing in Surrey

by darryliorio

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The climate in Surrey, British Columbia contributes to tourism and farming. This Canadian City, according to, gets over 83 days of sunshine annually, giving locals and tourists adequate time to check out Surrey's panoramic parks, forest reserves, and farmlands. However, like most parts of Canada, Surrey experiences cold winters with temperature levels dropping to 5 degrees Celsius (41 degree Fahrenheit).

In cold weather, frozen drains become an issue to Surrey plumbing systems. Houses in other parts of the world are likewise not strangers to the trouble of water clogging in sinks throughout freezing weather. How Stuff Works and E How share certain home remedies for unclogging drains.

For frozen drains, the first thing to search for is places in the house that are colder than others. Next, spot the stopped up drain sections by delicately tapping a little hammer on the pipeline. A hollow sound suggests the pipe is free from ice-covered gunk and dirt. A complete noise means the pipeline is frozen. If the latter holds true, try simple options before contacting a trusted Surrey plumbing service, or one closest to your house.

Mix 2 cups of table salt with four to five gallons of boiling water. Pour the mixture into the drain that is connected to the problematic pipe. The boiling water and salt solution should warm up the ice that has gathered inside the pipeline. At the same time, heat can be directly put on the pipeline using a heated pad or towel or space heater. A hair dryer can also be used to heat up drains.

If the heat application does not work, run hot water from the faucet for 10 straight minutes. Turn on all faucets if your sink is installed with more than one. The water pouring on the affected drain continuously helps in the equalization of both the pipe and your residence's whole ambient temperature.

When all of the home remedies are unsuccessful, it is time to contact a qualified plumbing service. Hiring certified plumbers is never money lost for residents who place premium on their homes and families. There are other drain cleaning ideas available on the internet. Check out;;

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