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What is SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING and Why it is Important in

by PreludeDigital

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Social media advertising involves the use of social networks, to successfully advertise online. The future of Social Media in Digital Advertising is fantastic currently and is slated to go another 15% higher by 2015. With over 150 million Internet users, there are approx 61 million users using Facebook-just to cite an example. Facebook has even launched an advertising platform that helps brands build their digital assets on Facebook and drive traffic to their websites. More people are using digital media to communicate with others on a daily basis and ADVERTISING on that medium becomes attractive and important. In short it is flourishing, and the next 5 years will see the coming of even more sophisticated technology-based applications or devices using social media.






In simple terms social media advertising is the process of marketing your products through social media sites like Twitter, Face book and YouTube. By utilizing the social aspect of the web, Digital Media Agency is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing. It has the added advantage of reaching to a larger mass without much cost and effort. Internet marketing is the combination of traditional marketing principles with interactive marketing methods applied to meeting the needs of the online customers. Every business has a story to tell, a cause to communicate, a customer to find, a service or product to promote to the world.  There is no more cost effective way than via the internet provided you properly prepare with Internet marketing research. The growing world of social media is both powerful and intimidating, and if using it for social networking, done wrong it can be an absolute disaster. Getting the most out of social media advertising is about knowing who your target audience is, and how to get them to engage with your product or service.

Some key points to consider when devising this strategy include the choice of platform, the resources that your organization is able to commit to the channel and the profile of your target audience. As a leading online agency, we can provide your company with a range of social media marketing services and campaigns to meet your requirements. We are Prelude Digital, a digital media agency with a flair for design & strategy. We walk into the office with a smile and walk out with an even bigger smile. We search and find the best deal on the most desirable media in one place and let us sell your media on a non-exclusive basis to ensure you sell out!

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