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SAN can provide storage solutions

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These days, servers and storage devices are gaining more importance in many industries to store their valuable data. Mainly, IT industry is leading the business world with new technologies and requirements. As the business and requirements grows, organizational info is also grows. It is difficult to manage the growing data for an organization in a single device. Generally, servers are used to store and maintain the data. However, these traditional servers may not maintain the large amount of data as it contains minimum capacity. To overcome these storage hassles, most of the IT organizations have developed several technologies and devices with advanced features.

These storage devices are implemented with new technological features to manage and store maximum amount of data. There are several store devices to increase the efficiency and capacity such as data travelers, flash drives, zip drives, SAN (storage area network), NAS (network attached storage), Storwize V700, tape drives, e drives, tape autoloaders, tape libraries and many more. All these devices can be connected to either server or the system through the USB ports. These devices are developed and designed with modular features to processing the high speed power to access the data. Out of all these devices, data travelers, zip and flash drives are portable devices and can be carried easily. These devices can manage the limited capacity of up to 32 GB.

However, NAS, Storwize, SAN storage devices are network attached systems to enhance the server capacity with maximum storage space. SAN is the most popular device in IT industry with its high end features to provide network connections and access to the data from the network shared folders. You can secure the data in these folders with a password protection feature. It is an effective storage system to increase the business potency and performance with low latency. SAN storage technology is ultimately different from NAS and DAS storage technologies. IT offers maximum storage space and tunes the workloads to provide high speed processing power.

SAN can help the server to deliver the service on time on offering high processing power and maximum efficiency. These are recommended for the mid sized and large sized enterprises to store their immense amount of information. As it is the network device, it can connect to the servers through IP or TCP protocols. TCP and IP protocols are suitable for SAN on web server for writing and reading the files. Hence, many enterprises are implementing this storage system to augment their storage potency and performance.

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