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Elongating Erections with a Cock Ring with Vibrator

by kingpaul

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Sexual stimulation is the intrinsic goal of foreplay. Foreplay, in an interesting way, deals with both emotional and physical intimacy, which ultimately leads to sexual arousal. Carnal stimulation is not limited to stimulation of the genitals. Other body parts, mostly the sensitive zones like, nape of the neck, lips, bosom and the chest for males in particular, are also prone to fuel the libido, stirring up sexual hunger. As such, stimulation of the senses, like eyes and ears, opens up the floodgate of sex hormones in the human body.

That is why pornographic movies, porn literature, sexually explicit graphics, etc. have a strong commercial viability. These objects help fantasizing steamy situations and ultimately get an individual carnally aroused. However, ever-evolving technology has gifted the society with gizmos that are highly capable of stirring up sexual thirst. Vibrating sex toys are as such prominent merchandise in the adult entertainment market. Sexual vibrators are in existence as long back as the 18th century. Sexual revolution that was in full swing in the 1960s facilitated many changes in the society. Most interestingly, this era also marked a drastic change in human approach to have sex. It was at this time, sex toys made their commercial appearance in the society. These adult merchandises became the toast of all towns in almost no time. Gradually, with ever advancing time, latest technology has contributed immensely in upgrading these sex gizmos. Silicon is one of the most amazing discoveries related to the topic in hand, and of course, there is a vibrator sex toy to add spice to it. The craze for sexual vibrators is so strong that major US retailing giant like, Walmart displays vibrators right on their store shelves.

Erotic vibrators are mostly sold in the market as body massagers. There are varieties of the commodity available in the market. Eventually, either these gizmos come with a

       I.            Battery or,

    II.            Power cord

It is indeed one of the highest selling merchandises in the category of adult toys. Let us now discuss a few varieties of vibrators that are rocking the market crazily.

a)      A vibrator sex toy uses air from the vacuum cleaner to stimulate female genitals.

b)      Latest versions of musical vibrators synchronize the vibration to any music played from an I-pod or mobile.

c)      Medical insulation on these adult devices is done by covering up the entire surface with medical graded silicon.

d)     Clitoral vibrators, in particular, are sold as back massagers. Apart from providing sexual pleasure, it helps in reaching orgasm by stimulating the clitoris.

On the other hand, cock ring with vibrator is mostly designed for men. Cock ring is a ring that is worn by men, mostly at the base of the male genital. This facilitates slow flowing of blood from the penile tissues, which results in prolong erection of the male genital. Cock rings are also available in silicon. Cock ring vibrator is a hotcake item in adult troy shops. These latest versions of sex toys are providing an excellent impetus to the trade in general. The future of the business of adult toys seems most promising than ever.

King Paul is the writer of this article. He has been researching on the purpose and need of the sex toys like sexy toys in the society after spending a decade in the sex toy making industries. He has stressed on the increasing number of sex shop storeselling the sexy toys.

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