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Massage and the Swedish massage movement’s introduction

by aaliyahgorge

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When people walk or walking or talking even if they are sleeping they use some certain amount of energy it and during exercise people also release energy and when people take massage we can say it is also a small part of the exercise because in the massage process people don’t do any activity their self while we can say body muscles will exercise during massage and as with massage we can make our body strong and healthy similarly to make our muscles relax and stress free massage and spa both work together but when we took massage so the therapist will cover most of the parts of your body but in spa treatments , as we know it is a water treatment some small parts of our body where we cannot apply massage strokes will use such as neck and nose , spa treatment involves some lotions and different types of oils for massage treatments.


When people exercise they can bear heavy and weight but in massage treatment , strokes will be applied and this all process will be so gently and smoothly and finally in movement treatment , all movements are arranged in such a way and in such a form as to be comfortable and adopted to all parts of the body .

In Swedish movements especially therapist will concentrate on the natural functions of joints muscles and it is not a case with the other kind of exercise and consequently the sensation and value of movements can never be the same if some time customer feels pain during massage so they should sometime judge that how much he can bear.


Massage therapy will work on following principles Effleurage, frictions, Petrissage, Tapotement and this manipulation consist of centripetal stroking and it is performed in four different ways Stroking with the palm of one hand, stroking with the palm of both the hands, stroking with the thumb, stroking with the tips of finger here stroking with the one hand use on the extremities, the back of the head, and in single massage of the neck.

Stroking with both the hands, stroking with thumbs used between two muscles or between a muscle and a tendon and it is also frequently to reach at the feet. Apart from these some other strokes such as friction with thumbs stroking with fingers, kneading with the two thumbs, kneading on the hunt for contracted muscles, kneading of biceps.

Petrissage has also different types such as kneading with the two thumbs and fingers, clapping of the leg and position of the hands in hacking.


This is also a type of manipulation and applied by hands means applied by the operator's wrist, hand strikes quickly .There so many other strokes are also used by most of the therapists and it is a very long process by which therapists will make customers relax, doctors are also suggesting to the people that are suffering from different types of mental disorders.

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