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It’s time to talk ‘pompously’ about your brand!

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Outdoor Advertising encompasses any promotion practice launched through an outdoor media such as billboard, poster, kiosk, transit media etc. outdoor advertising unlike conventional practices have gone through tremendous changes. Of late, this advertising mode has emerged as the most ‘wanted’ advertising channel for maximum number of brand owners. OOH network is also considered a posh channel to talk pompously about a brand. Through mall ads, airport ads, metro ads, OOH Advertising practices are mushrooming.

Mall Advertising as an emerging OOH practice

Mall culture currently sets one of the ongoing trends of contemporary India. The rising number of malls in various cities and towns over the years is a clear hint about how mall culture is rising day by day. For advertisers, shopping malls are one of the premium avenues to practice their advertising rights. For customers, it is a value added experience to avail of brand information through elite media channels. Enhancing the visit of customers at the various malls, this advertising avenue is one of the booming practices. Mall ads also provide mass approach to customers. A shopping mall is a particular place where all and sundry visit for shopping, dining, watching movie or to simply hang around with friends. Presentation of the brand message through interactive channels garners the interest of customers to visit the shopping mall in the future. Providing rich impact on customers, mall advertising is an emerging OOH practice.

Airport Advertising as a chosen OOH avenue

Airport Advertising practices are becoming in-demand amongst wide range of advertisers. Airport ads as compared to other advertising modes provide more effectiveness. This effectiveness is again two-sided. For brand advertisers, airport ads provide easy accessibility of brand message to prospects. For target groups, it is ready availability of brand message through posh media.  Airport advertising practices also provide good repetitive value to customers. Repetition leads to recall value. Infact, the recall value of any brand becomes good when customers repeatedly go through the particular ad display. Airport ads thus provide good brand recall value through repetitive exposure.

DMRC Advertising as one of the preferred OOH avenues

The launch of metro rails in the capital city provides advertisers a ready avenue to practice their advertising rights. With lakhs of footholds on daily basis, metro advertising practices are poised to emerge as one of the preferred OOH networks.

OOH Advertising practices are poised to grow further in the coming years. Be it through airport, metro or mall media, it is time to talk pompously about your brand through OOH network.

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