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Accentuate Your Eyes With Big Eye Circle Lenses

by NiiyaToshiyuki

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Many people find eyes to be one of the most attractive features on a
person. Without saying a word, eyes can speak volumes. One way to draw
attention to your eyes is to apply cosmetics in a dramatic style, but
another perhaps more unique way is to use big eye circle lenses. With
big eye lenses you can change the size and color of your eyes. You can
even add original effects. If you are hunting for a new look for your
eyes, you can conveniently buy contact lenses online where you will find
a large selection of different styles.

Big eye circle lenses
originated in Asia where they are quite popular. The idea is to use a
colored contact lens to enlarge the iris or the colored part of the eye.
The effect is to make the eye look bigger and more dramatic. They are
sometimes compared to Japanese anime characters or said to be doe-like.

One of the nice things about big eye lenses is that you can purchase
them both with or without a prescription. If you don’t need any type of
corrective lenses you can still accentuate your eyes with
non-prescription colored contacts. If, on the other hand, you need
prescription lenses you can order colored or circle lenses in your
prescription and use them in place of your normal contacts. If you buy
contacts lenses online you can specify the prescription or lack thereof
when you order.

Big eye lenses can be a lot of fun because not only can you alter the
size of your iris you can change the color too. If you have always
wanted to have those baby blues, then you can find a variety of
different shades online. You can make your irises appear a deep black or
brighten them with a honey colored lens. Some people even like to uses
less natural colors like purple for an even more dramatic effect. With
all the different colors available you could have a different pair of
eyes for each day of the week.

In addition to size and color there are also big eye lenses that come
with different effects. You can make your eyes glisten like diamonds or
wear flower patterns. Some circle lenses have a thick black edge to
make the eye look larger while others will blend a bit more naturally.

When you buy contact lenses online you are likely to find a large selection of big eye circle lenses
which will draw attention to your eyes and get them noticed. From
color to size to glittering effects, you are sure to find something that
fits your style.

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