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Letter writing is there for years

by edwardfery

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Letter writing is there for years. It is almost in existence from the Greek medieval period. At those times, letters were sent from Kings to their counterparts to discuss their strategies and negotiate on other things.

When the letter King received did not impress him, he used to cut the neck of mail carriers and send it back. However, the sender (king) considered this act as an insult, and thus war used to take place.

Today, letter writing is diminishing day by day. Because with the emergence of emails and then later mobiles erupt that are sending SMS in seconds, people do not like to write letters, that take days.

Still, there are few that respect letter writing, and in schools, still letter writing is taught.

Be original:

 Letter text starts with Dear Sir…. And this formality goes on to the end. However, if you are writing a letter to one of your friends, relatives or someone you know. You are not obliged to use this complementary sentence and can start your own way. In whatever way you like, you can send the letter.

For example, some people who are sending a letter to their friends will use ahoy mate or (fi sabeel illah) and things like that.

The real essence of letter writing is to communicate with your own style, so that reader may know that it’s you who is writing not a 300-year-old teacher who made that complimentary style compulsory.

Express yourself:

Just as said above, in letter writing you are merely writing for your own sake. So, express yourself fully. Do not use jargons or those terms that you will not use in your day-to-day language. Write in the same language, as you will express yourself in normal life.

Induce emotions:

If it is your letter, use what you will use in your conversation. So, if it’s about the emotions, then use them in your writing. Moreover, the writing can tell a lot about your emotions. Because when you are writing something in return of the emotions, that writing will be much more expressive and powerful.


Write, as you would talk:

I don’t think I need to explain this point again. Because I guess, now you must have understood the concept that I stated. Still it is better to say that writing, as you would naturally talk will bring consistency to your writing and will make it better understandable by peers.

The writer has some interests in writing. Currently he writes for construction logo design, online logo design and stationery design. And that makes me wonder, why he has written on letter writing!

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