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Are GT Bicycle Prices Too Steep?

by anonymous

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With a history that dates back to the year 1972, GT has emerged as one of the most reliable names in the biking industry.  At a time when BMX bike frames were not the kind you could trust your life with, GT came up with strong, durable BMX frames using their superior skills and effort.  Their journey towards making solid frames continues even now.  Those who are afraid that the GT bicycle price would far overshoot your budget, think about this, would you trade monetary cost for reliability.  A bicycle cannot possibly cost more than a trip to the hospital or worse!

When you go through the information on the website or online, you will find that they are all about bikes.  Being in the business for so long, they know what it takes to make a sturdy bike.  The categories of different bicycles that they house can completely boggle the mind of the uninitiated and those who are pros-well it is nothing short of heaven!  The great thing about GT is that they do not house bicycles alone but a whole array of bicycle component, which include hardware like the brackets, cog sets, tyres and the like and also includes important accessories like the bicycle helmets. 

Those who are serious bikers never downplay the importance of good bicycle helmets.  Especially in case of rough riding be it on the merciless mountain terrains or doing tricks on the ramps and rails, a bicycle helmet might just save your life.  Many might admit that the GT bicycles price to be a deterrent factor, they might even considering buying cheap, unmarked helmets but it is nothing short of stupidity.

If you are spending money on a good bicycle, then why be stringent with the helmet?  The fact is, in most of these rough sports, falling down in an everyday affair and sometimes they can be from gasping heights!  It is difficult to find any veteran adventure biker who has never broken a bone or two, it kind of comes with the package.  However, the skull is something that cannot be compromised; people who do not get that are definitely thick-headed!

GT mainly caters to the professional bikers. Legends like Hans Rey, mountain bikers like Juli Furtado, Nicolas Vouilloz and Gerhard Zadrobilek all swear by GT bicycles, and have won innumerable prizes to collaborate that trust.  So now, if you go and compare the GT bicycle price with bicycle from say Walmart, you will definitely be disappointed.  However, if you do make such a comparison then I am sorry to say you do not know much about biking!  That is not necessarily a bad thing and I would not even recommend that you buy a GT bicycle in that case, just make sure you invest in a really good bicycle helmet!


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