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Boom of Java Development

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Java is a high level programming Language and provides interactive processing and easy use of graphics and animation on the Internet. Java can be used to create two types of programs, Applications and Applets. An application is a program that runs on the user’s computers under the operating system. An Applet is a small window based program that runs on HTML page using a java enabled web browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or an Applet Viewer.

Java is extensively used by huge companies to design and develop applications. Various elements that combine together to enable Java development are:

  • Compiler: Compilers are responsible for converting source code into Java code
  • Loader: Loaders interpret the Java class files into a readable format
  • JAR: An assembly of related class libraries
  • Java doc: Java doc is the documentation generator
  • JDB: For documentation

Organizations and enterprises should hire a Java development company for attaining most benefits from their solutions. The main features of Java development are as below:

Open Source: It is an open source technology, thus offering a highly flexible and customizable environment for developing oriented applications. Users don’t have any need to pay heavy license fee every year and thus a cost-effective way out is obtained using Java.

Platform Independent: Applications written in Java can be executed anywhere, therefore they are platform independent. Java provides the ability to run the same program from different systems.

Memory Management: Java supports the concept of garbage collection therefore automatic memory management is available. Users are not forced to manage the memory issues manually but they can do so if they want to do that.

Easy to Learn: Java was developed by aim to give an easy to use technology for programmers. This makes it easy to write, compile, debug and learn.

Object Oriented: Java is an object-oriented programming language and allows developers to create modular. The Java code is reusable and can be used again and again. Java supports code readability, maintainability etc.

Distributed Computing: Java is Distributed Language because the program of Java is compiled into one machine can be easily transferred to machine and executes them on another machine because facility of Bytes Codes. So Java is specially designed for Internet users which use the Remote Computers for executing their programs on local machine after transferring the programs from Remote Computers or either from the internet.

Secure:  As Java is intended to be used in distributed environments so it implements several security mechanisms to protect you against malicious code that might try to attack your file system.

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