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World Science Festival

by vision55

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Jarod Miller is no stranger to animals. As a zoologist, he has traveled the world and met countless members of the animal kingdom. But that’s not enough for him, he wants children to meet them too. With the help of an assistant, Jarod is joined on stage by three of his furry friends, giving the audience an up-close look at some of the world’s most exotic inhabitants.

Adam Wilson is a biomedical engineering researcher and a self-professed tinkerer. His knack for figuring out how things work eventually led him to the human brain, where he was able to create some of the first brain-computer interfaces. With its help, Adam was able to send a message over the social network, Twitter, using only his mind. Brain-computer interfaces have countless applications, and will hopefully one day allow the disabled to control devices using their minds.

Cool Jobs: Meet the people with the coolest jobs in the world. Robotics engineer Dennis Hong demonstrates some of the remarkable robots that his team has built. They include a robot that can move by turning itself inside out, one that moves using compressed air, and another that moves on two legs; robots that can walk across sand, climb vertical cliffs, and climb over obstacles three times their height; and a robotic car that may allow the blind to drive. 

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