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Getting to Know the Mansard Roofing system

by missierice

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The mansard roof design is a mark of French design that's defined by 2 slopes on every one of its sides and without any gables. It's an architectural style credited to Pierre Lescot in the 16th century. The upper slope meanwhile, has an extremely reduced pitch which makes it undetectable from the ground. A capable Ashland roofing contractor can develop a mansard roof for you should you decide that it's the right roofing system type for your home.


The term "mansard" is derived from the name of a French architect, Francois Mansart, who lived from 1598 to 1666. Although he did not create the mansard roof design, he is the one credited for restoring interest in it, which became characteristic of French Renaissance architecture in earlier times. A mansard roofing is typically mistaken for a gambrel roof because it contains 2 slopes just like the latter. A gambrel roofing system, however, has its slopes on only two sides of its framework.


The mansard roofing design provides many advantages. Initially, it is especially useful due to the fact that it develops a far more habitable space in the attic. This is the reason older homes were frequently remodeled with mansard roofings. Today, this roofing system design is occasionally made use of in one and two-story apartment structures, dining establishments, and neo-eclectic houses.

Second, a mansard roof has the ability to house dormers. These are window-like frameworks constructed vertically on the lower slope part of the roofing system. Such offers the mansard roofing its regarded appeal and allure.

Third, the mansard roofing is simple and practical to develop. Therefore, it saves time and cash during building. Its significant drawback is that the upper low-pitched part of the roofing is where snow accumulates. If snow gets heavy, the roofing system can collapse. To prevent this, scrape off the snow from the upper slope with a roof rake as quickly as they start to develop up.

These are the perks of a mansard roofing which you may wish to experience yourself. Contact a handful of Richmond roofing contractors in your area and request for a task estimate for a mansard roof. Find out how to compare quotes and select the right roofing contractor from

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