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The national capital of India is considered the heart of the nation both politically and culturally. It is established in two parts one as the remnants of a glorious medieval past; and the other as a legacy of the Colonial master. Old and New Delhi are two different worlds meshed together to epitomize ‘unity in diversity’. There is no city in this world that can lay claim to being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world not only in terms of its history, people but in terms of its traditions, customs and a lot else.

Delhi is famous for its extreme weather year round, be it the sultry heat during the summers or the bone chilling winters but one thing that is best about this city is the plethora of options the people here have to enjoy their holidays even when they can’t venture to faraway places. The city has a lot of sights and scenes of its own to offer to people traveling to it in the form of its famous Mughal Era monuments that dominate the landscape of the city from up north till down south. Besides the historical aspect there is the foodie aspect, now the street food in Delhi is only matched by Kolkata, you can easily find vendors selling delicious, mouth watering foods such as Gol Guppa, Aloo Tikki and many others.

Besides the city itself there are some very interesting getaways in the outskirts and suburban areas of the city which provide for great leisure and relaxation. The destinations have something to offer for all types of tourists. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur Rajasthan is just 192 Km from Delhi is one of the well known wilderness getaways near Delhi. The park has a variety of species of birds such as Siberian Cranes (winters), and 366 other species of birds. For those who are more inclined towards culture and heritage of the Indian society trips to Mathura and Vrindavan are perfect to get a taste of the religious life of this country.

The Golden Triangle of Agra, Delhi and Jaipur is a famous tour undertaken by tourist traveling to this part of the country as the three historic cities are well connected and within short distance of each other to fit the bill for a weekend getaway. The city of Chandigarh towards the north is also a great option to explore the calming environ of one of India’s most well planned cities. These are just the icing of the cake there whole host of other destination that one can consider for a perfect weekend getaways near Delhi, to spend some quality time with family and friends.

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