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Useful Tips and Trivia for pilgrims on Amarnath Yatra

by Abhinav

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The holy cave of Amarnath is located in remote corner of Himalaya and is a place of unmatchable religious and natural charms. Every year, a large number of devotees from far and wide visit the shrine, braving difficult trekking routes and uncertain climatic conditions in this Himalayan region. But once they reach the cave and catch glimpse of giant Shiva lingam, all the tiredness and difficulties turn into jubilant and every devotee return satisfied at end.

The journey to Amarnath starts from Pahalgam or Baltal. One has to cover the journey on feet while passing through splendid facets of nature. On the way to cave, one gets to encounter with snow clad mountains, deep endless valleys and tranquil lakes & glaciers.

Trekking route to the cave is very steep and not easy to climb through. And the weather conditions are uncertain either. It can turn to be rainy, sunny or snowfall in a while. To ease out the journey, there are a variety of Amarnath yatra packages offered by travel companies. Booking a package would exempt you of the stress regarding accommodation, meals, transfer and sightseeing. Many of the packages include helicopter ride, which make the pilgrimage convenient and stress-free.

To reach to the Amarnath Cave, one can go to Pahalgam by vehicles. Pahalgam is a small hill stations and base for trekking to Amarnath. It is about 96km from Srinagar: the summer capital of Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. To get into Srinagar, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can take a flight directly to Srinagar, which is available from Chandigarh and Delhi. If you want to go there by train, catch any train to Jammu Tavi. There is no railway line to Srinagar or Pahalgam. After de-boarding at Jammu, you can catch a private taxi or bus to reach to Srinagar. Direct buses to Pahalgam are also available, if you want to skip Srinagar from your journey.

With nature of Yatra being tough, travelers are advised to prepare for it in advance. In term of packing, it is advisable to carry enough of woolen clothes to keep your body warm. Remember that this hilly area is extremely chilly, even in warm summer months. So Sweaters, coats and mufflers are strongly recommended. Carrying a small torch can help you in tracing your way during dark or cloudy evening. It is highly advisable to go there with your trekking shoes only.

The journey is on feet, where the hills are rocky and the trekking is long and arduous one. So never forget your comfortable trekking shoes at home. Rain is very frequent in this area. So you better having a raincoat to protect your inner clothes from being wet.

If you have opted for an Amarnath Yatra package, you can rest assured of having a comfy and hassle-free journey.

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