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August bank holidays in London – where to find bank holiday

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Finding a bar to hang out in can take a lot of trial and error.  Many bars in London cater to specific crowds.  There are sports bars, karaoke bars, dance bars, and singles bars just to name a few.  If you are unsure of the atmosphere, you may try the bar.  Without knowing anything about it, you may end up wasting your night.


Many bars offer special events, often on bank holidays.  The bars that offer bank holiday events in London usually do so on a Sunday night, since everyone gets the day off the following Monday.  It gives all the party animals an extra day to shake loose and have a few drinks.  It’s a great opportunity to grab a group of friends and get out for a while.


You may want to consider booking one of the bars in London for your own special event.  Whether it is your birthday, anniversary, or a corporate function, there are many bars to choose from depending on the atmosphere you are looking for.  You can go with a relaxed restaurant or pub, or opt for more of a party atmosphere.


It is not advised to plan your party near one of the bank holiday events in London.  The bars will be overcrowded and there will be little room for your guests.  Not to mention many of the bars take reservations for their special events.  If you can help it, plan your own party on a day that is not near a bank holiday event.


If you really want to make an impression on your guests and avoid the typical bar crowd, consider booking your party at one of the secret bars in London.  These are lesser known bars that offer a variety of atmospheres.  From old fashioned jazz and classic mixed drinks, to bars sporting private rooms with ping pong tables, you’re sure to find a fit. 


There is one thing to remember about most of these bars.  You will need to book them ahead of time to attend.  This is especially true of the bank holiday events in London.  Because there is limited spacing, the bars fill up quickly.  If you book ahead of time you are guaranteed entry and a spot to hang out.


Because August bank holidays in London are the last holidays in the summer, many people go away for the weekend.  This leaves a great opportunity to visit one of the bars having a special event.  You will probably have less people at these events. It will give you a more enjoyable time.


No matter what kind of bar in London you opt to go to, you are sure to have a wonderful night out.  Whether it is your own personal party or a special event, the perfect bar for your style is just waiting for you to visit.  Make your memories this weekend at a killer club or a quiet restaurant.  You will be glad you did. is a website that offers information on the nightlife in London.  Founded by friends that were tired of looking for someplace to hang out, it has become the go-to site that London uses to get out and party.  They offer a list of pubs by theme, upcoming events, and party planning ideas and locations.


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