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Sailing Through The Deserts - Surfing on Camels

by anilcop

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The Ships of Desert as they are rightly called, camels are an inseparable part of Rajasthan Tourism. Camel Safaris are made available to tourists who wish to explore the mystiques of the Thar Desert.


Extremely difficult conditions and sandy geography make travelling through vast stretch of deserts impossible for tourists who wish to search the depths of what seems like the never ending Thar Desert. Camel Safaris are arranged by various Rajasthan Tour Packages depending on the time tourists wish to spend. Camel Safaris can be for a single day for a period up to 21 days! The camel rides start as early as dawn to set the tone for the day. Camps are set up in the open which allows tourists to spend their nights gazing stars and take-in the serenity of the atmosphere. Social Animals find this as an escapade from the concrete jungles they thrive in. Camel safaris make stoppages in remote villages which allow the tourists to interact with the locals living in such interiors and understand their lifestyles. The experience of sitting on a camel back is simply amazing. The trained camels steal the hearts of the tourists with their mannerisms and obedience. The best time to take the camel safari is in between September to March. The desert seems to be on fire as summer starts its menacing heat.


Camel Safaris are made available by Rajasthan tourism across various places in Thar Desert. Some safaris include low traffic while some are laden with tourists all the time. Visits to Deserts around Jesalmer and Bikaner are the most popular ones. Some people who have plenty of time in hand choose to visit the borders of Leh and Laddakh. Itinerary of the Camel Safari can also be customised on Rajasthan tours.


Camels with single hump are used for shorter journeys. Shorter journeys can be ranging from 1 to 7 days. For journeys extending beyond 7 days, dual humped camels are used. This signifies the efforts of Rajasthan Tourism to negate animal abuse.


An obvious question to cross the minds of the tourists, given the rich dividends attached to it. “What is the cost?” Well the safaris start from INR 600 a day (including meal) and can be upto INR 1750 per day (with added benefits). Rajasthan Tourism ensures fair rates by issuing tariff cards which are available to the service providers.


Deserts, though the mystique in grandeur can be a great cover for thugs too. It is therefore necessary to pick a trusted service provider. Choosing a service provider certified by Rajasthan Tourism is definitely a wise move. Certified service providers ensure that all the codes are strictly adhered to. One can be assured of fair pricing and getting value for money. Some of the leading service providers are:

SAHARA, INDEPENDENT TRAVEL, VINO CAMEL SAFARI etc. is widely trusted and recommended.


Tourists should not lie their trust in uncertified service providers. They must not give-in to leads by the guides other than the ones decided in the itinerary as it might lead to a deceptive trap. Though Rajasthan tourism does its level best to stop such defamatory activities, it is better to be Safe than sorry.

Tourists should carry padded beddings before mounting camels and seat themselves on the padded articles. The bumpy ride of a bare camel back can lead to sore hips and painful knees. Other articles to carry are, plenty of water, sunburn protection, hats, goggles etc. Flashlights, toilet paper and sanitary pad for females are recommended.


Welcome aboard the trip to paradise called Thar Desert. Rajasthan Tourism ensures maximum exploration of the state by tourists by offering varieties of Rajasthan Tour Packages which offer flexible services suiting the needs of tourists.

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