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Online casinos slots - their meteoric rise

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The penny drops - the first slot machines

When Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in late nineteenth-century San Francisco, it is unlikely he envisaged their incredible popularity. But within a couple of decades they were being mass-produced and had spread right throughout north America and to Europe. It's probably something to do with the hypnotic allure of the spinning reels, or the eye-catching icons, or the inherent simplicity of the play, but whatever the actual reason for their huge success slot machines over the years came to be an ever-present reality of daily life in widely disparate parts of the world. Like most great inventions the idea behind it was simple - quite literally the penny dropped.


Rise of the machines - their popularity soars

Bugsy Malone, the legendary gangster, introduced slot machines to his casinos in Las Vegas. They were so popular that they became the largest single money-spinner in some casinos, accounting for up to half of all profits. It is little wonder then that the armies of slot machines, arranged in neat row after row, have become such a familiar sight to casino-goers.

Initially slot machines were mechanically operated, by pulling a lever on their side, from where the colloquial name one-armed bandit was derived. Later models became electronically operated, with the player just having to press a button to set the reels spinning. These electronic machines really did perform an almost incredible march across the globe, installing themselves in airports and bars and amusement arcades from Ney York to London, Tokyo and Sydney. In the latter part of the twentieth century slot machines were one of the most popular and instantly recognizable forms of gambling in the world.


Brave new world - online casinos slots

The title of Aldous Huxley's 1932 novel, Brave New World, can easily be applied to the meteoric rise of the online gambling industry. After electronic slot machines came computer-driven machines with random number generators, and it was an easy step from there to producing online slots. Huxley was writing about technological and psychological changes that were to profoundly change society, and the internet can be seen in this light too, in the vanguard of similarly profound changes to the way society operates.

Slot machines have kept pace with these changes, transitioning easily to the world of online gaming. Indeed, their popularity has increased as the essence of the play does not change at all when switching between the real and the virtual worlds. If anything, it improves! Online casinos slots can have many more reels, more paylines, ever-changing symbols and many more appealing features easily added. With themes from the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, to Marvel super-heroes like Superman and Spiderman, their popularity has only increased. There really is something for everyone when it comes to online slots, and their meteoric rise seems to be continuing unabated.



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