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QuickBooks Repair Tool to Recover Lost Data From QBW files

by anonymous

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Losing valuable accounting data can be a devastating. Years of collection of company accounting data, when lost or damaged, falls you into very disastrous situations. Like, you fail to access your valuable data of QuickBooks file. At that time, your primary need becomes to perform a repair of corrupt QuickBooks file. QuickBooks repair can be done effectively with the help of a third party QuickBooks file repair software. Such software repairs QBW file in an effective and efficient way.

Let us consider a scenario. Some times due to various reasons, several attempts to download a QuickBooks update fail. This causes in faulty, incomplete download and when such a file is installed, it hampers the working of the original QuickBooks application and you may receive the following error message.

"Error 16026"

Above error message bothers you every time whenever you make an attempt to download it.

Causes that are responsible for the occurrence of above error message are as follows:

1. Some connectivity issues that are preventing Internet access.
2. You are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later version.
3. Cipher strength of Internet Explorer's is not 128-bit.
4. Incorrect installation of QuickBooks files. In other words, QBW files became damaged since you have installed them.
5. Version of QuickBooks is not supported on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

For solving above error message, and to perform QuickBooks repair. You have to follow the below steps:

1. Start QuickBooks again.
2. In QuickBooks, open the Financial Institution Directory:
a) Select Banking > Online Banking > Available Financial Institutions.
b) If Financial Institution Directory seems on the left, QuickBooks was successful in opening online services of Intuit's.
3. If Internet can be accessed from within Web browser and from QuickBooks, try to download a program update.
4. Verify the version and cipher strength of Internet Explorer.
a) Start Internet Explorer.
b) Select Help > About Internet Explorer.
c) Download a latest version of Internet Explorer, if you have earlier version of it.
5 .If still the problem persists, then it might be that QBW file may not have been correctly installed or became damaged while installation.

The above resolution steps may help you. But to resolve the corruption of QuickBooks company file, you can rely on a third party QuickBooks file repair software. These software are specially developed to solve all the issues related to corruption. They have read-only designs, well described procedures, and produce result oriented recovery.


  • ElioBorges
    I'm working with Quickbooks Version 6.0, when I try to open the file where the company bank transactions as deposits, checks and debits (QBW) are I receive a message of "damaged or missing file". How I can recover the file since it contents more than nine (9) years of information and I can't afford loosing all the information. I have tried several recommendations to recover the file but none of them have worked.
    How I can do it ?

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