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Patching Up Your Hair - The Benefits of a Keratin Treatment

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Many people whose hair has become damaged from heat-based styling tools, blow-drying, and over-processing will consider a keratin treatment at a Fort Lauderdale salon as a way of reducing the frizz that has been created and obtaining the smooth look that they desire. However, many are not aware that a keratin treatment can actually help to repair damaged hair in addition to eliminating the frizzies that accompany it.

Because of current styles, many people suffer from damaged hair. Whether hair has become broken from the tension of being pulled in unnatural directions, damaged from heat, or injured by the harmful chemicals used in some hairstyling processes, damaged hair is quite often unattractive hair. In addition to the frizz-look that can result, damaged hair will look dull and lifeless. However, a keratin treatment can help to restore damaged hair.

Your hair is naturally comprised of keratin, which helps to give your hair its strength and luster. However, heat, chemicals, and tension can all damage the keratin that is present, weakening it and causing your hair to become damaged. In a keratin treatment, new keratin is applied all over the hair and then is sealed in with a flat iron. Just as a stain will set on a shirt if the shirt is put into the dryer, so too, the heat from the flat iron “sets” the keratin into your hair by applying heat. During the three days following your keratin treatment, the keratin molecules from the treatment actually become bonded with the existing keratin that had been damaged, filling in any of the weakened areas of your hair. In this manner, hair is not only strengthened and healed, but the frizzy, dull edges of the damaged hair are smoothed out giving the hair a healthier look, as well.

In addition to getting rid of frizz and helping your hair to recover from the damage that has been done to it, a keratin treatment will also make your hair easier to work with because it will become less tangled when you wash it. Because the keratin will have bonded with those patches in your hair where it had previously been weakened, the strands of hair will actually be smoother since the weakened spots will have been patched in, as it were. Each smooth strand will come into contact with other smooth strands, meaning that there is less opportunity for them to become entangled with one another.

The benefits of having a keratin treatment in Fort Lauderdale are obviously numerous. For frizz-free, healthy, manageable hair, call your Fort Lauderdale hair salon and schedule an appointment for a keratin treatment today. You’ll be glad you did.

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