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Eat Healthy …while your skin ails

by DilipJoshi

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Hey! This is not any sarcastic reproach (actually it is…lol). It is highly heartwarming to see today, that people’s passion and faith is gradually progressing towards “No Chemicals in my food Please!” attitude. And yes, I see these people walk long-long miles to achieve this. One morsel of ‘Organic / Healthy food’ feels like a bowl of Elixir – which would make all inner parts healthy! (No matter even if it is after a binge drinking, junk eating session over a weekend... hah). Though, I too need to walk my talk however, one step at a time…I write now then follow…Promise!


Anyways, awareness of a slightest magnitude is all good. Path that follows awareness is always bright. So I presume that all those today, who are aware of Organic, shall follow the continuity towards the absolute (not the Vodka.. lol). By the way, I ask all you believers in the power of Organic and Natural, What’s your take on toxic skin foods?? .. For which (I’m Sure) all you beautiful women and cool men might have some ‘GOD’ brand that you swear by. By now I’m sure we all know that this gossip is about your trusted and fancy ‘Personal Skin & Hair care products’. SLS / SLES, Parabens, Aldehydes, Perfumes (or Perfumes), MEA/DEA/TEA, Sulphates….wow seems like some deadly concoction for a chemical bomb! Infact, these are all sitting on the back lable of your beauty and skin & hair care products – which has solemnly promised to make you beautiful / handsome. And if they are there on the label, they are for real in jokes! Think when they sound so fatal, how effectively fatal they are..? No wasting time here…interested friends, please use the ever helpful & amazing Google to get more insight on this. Now, considering you all know what these are and their effects…you must be REALL crazy to still rub them around on your body, passionately, feeling their magic in making your skin / hair SMOOTH, SILKY, SOFT, YOUNG…BLAH, BLAH!


Fact: Skin, the LARGEST organ of our body needs quite as much attention as say…your lungs, heart or kidney. Another fact for you…your skin absorbs 80% of what is rubbed on it – within few seconds of massage. Imagine all these chemicals being pushed into your skin. Next fact…it takes about 25 seconds for these beautiful ingredients to enter your blood stream!! (Having fun??). I bet even our strong digestive system won’t be able to process – IF, we might just gobble a bite of our face cream. As a matter of fact let’s just assume that we ate it (eeeks!). Our digestive system is indeed equipped with a sophisticated screening mechanism which would (of course) have to work overtime and ensure that these unwanted ingredients don’t create too much damage…BUT, we are very-very smart, we don’t let these go in through our mouth…we (with happy faces) allow these to enter our system via our most humble organ – SKIN (I say humble because skin has NO way to oppose this misery, it only can sit back and enjoy it with folded hands). Isn’t this just like ‘guarding our front door, while welcoming evils into our houses through the windows!


Friends, I urge you all to go for Natural, Herbal and Organic skin & hair care products…they may not metamorphose you into your fantasies, but at least they will let your skin Live! Make your choice, a healthy one…for I know you love thyself…


Dilip Joshi is the founder of He has about 5 years of experience in research and development in stevia plant and its uses in food, health and beauty. For more information visit or


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