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Asian Jewelry Essentials: Ways to Care for Garnet Jewelry

by idalinecirillo

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Garnet, the birthstone for people born in January, got its name from granatum, pomegranate seeds that it mimics in form and color. Folklore gives it the power to uplift the owner's disposition and provide him vigor during hopeless times. In other countries, these stones are considered to represent lasting companionship.

Garnets are available in ten styles and a broad range of colors, except blue. Compared with other jewels, it is fairly affordable. However, this does not indicate that you should disregard its maintenance. Below is a simple care guide for garnet Asian jewelry.

The basic guideline is to use jewelry last, and take it off first. There are harsh chemicals in perfumes, hairspray, and cosmetics that may damage garnet. Using it only after you're done fixing your makeup and hair lowers the possibility of getting it in contact with products that can alter its color. It is also recommended to take it off prior to doing any household chores.

Wipe the stones with a dust free cloth lightly. After wiping off any sand, dust, or dirt from the stones, dissolve mild detergent in a cup of lukewarm water. Spread the solution carefully into the gems by using a soft-bristled brush to remove grime accumulation. And lastly, rinse it with mild water, and dry the item by making use of a microfiber cloth to keep from streaking.

Some studies present that garnet has been used for jewelry since 3200 BC in ancient Egypt, but they additionally show that it wasn't commonly used because of its fragile nature. Although innovation has made it possible to make the gems sold today well-built, appropriate care should be given in keeping garnet jewelry. Keep them separate from harder stones like rubies, diamonds, alexandrite, sapphires, and topaz to keep them from getting scratched. Likewise, store them apart from emeralds and aquamarines because these are softer and can get damaged as well.

Whether it is for casual bracelets or intricate bohemian jewelry, a piece made of garnet is a worthy addition to one's jewelry collection. With the help of these tips, you can make certain that your accessories can be as gorgeous as the day you bought it. To learn more about the information above, check

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