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Enterprise cloud hosting and its benefits

by businesscloudhosting

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Enterprise cloud hostingis meant for large organisations which have vital and indispensable computing demands on their infrastructure. They require security and “a without fail availability” which cloud hosting can provide in combination with the power, flexibility and expertise of Infrastructure as a service. An enterprise cloud can give the customers the peace of mind by providing a dedicated pool of computing resources and the comfort of creating and managing your own virtual servers.  It allows full autonomy and control of load balancers and firewall resources allocated to the environment without any prior expert knowledge of it. All of this can be accessed through a simple to use console.

The various advantages associated with enterprise cloud hosting can be explained as follows

Sizing of Computing Resources

Computing resources can be sized on the virtual machines depending on the needs of the business. They can be scaled up if the demand is more. With the resources available on demand and the pay per consumption model makes it a very flexible and scalable for the enterprises.

Large number of operating systems

Various operating systems configurations are supported by the enterprise cloud.Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, windows server 2003 and 2008 are just to name a few. There is freedom to install and upload custom operating systems on blank virtual machines.

Management of multiple environments

Enterprise cloud hosting allows management of multiple environments across geographical boundaries with a single web based easy to use interface. It enables data recovery and system redundancy solutions also.

Integration with existing network

An enterprise cloud can be integrated with the existing private network of the organisation.  With this interconnection in the hybrid environment, the enterprise cloud also manages the configurations, address management and other security issues seamlessly.

Integration with physical device

Sometimes dedicated servers are optimum for running applications which mostly have a corporate mandate and are not secure in a shared environment. These devices can be integrated with the enterprise cloud and managed with the web based interface. Visit www.

Enterprise cloud hosting

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