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What is Arabic Teaching and how is it taught?

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Every language has a wonderful essence of its own and Arabic is no exception. The essence of Arabic teaching is beautiful and understandable for all those people who can interpret the teachings properly and aptly. For the ones who aren’t competent in interpreting the teachings well, there is a host of Quran teachers to serve their purpose. In the following text a brief idea about the basic tenets of Arabic teaching is given. Read on garner more information and have a better idea about the subject.

Arabic Teaching in a nutshell

Arabic teaching revolves around the various interpretations of the Quranic Verses and the ideas of:

  • Hadith- The teachings and sayings of Prophet Mohammad are compiled and collectively known as Hadith. The Hadith is a vital part of the Arabic Literature.
  • Fiqh- Fiqh is considered to be the law of Islam adherents. The basic tenets of Fiqh are taught while teaching Arabic compositions.
  • Sirah- Sirah refers to the Islamic biographies of Muhammad. The most vital historical information about the early years of Islam is derived from the Sirah. It extremely important in regard to Arabic literature.
  • Sunnah- Sunnah refers to the lifestyle of the Muslims as prescribed by Muhammad coupled with the interpretations of the Quran. These interpretations are also taught in Arabic Teaching and very often a Quran tutor is chosen to make these interpretations understandable.
  • Apart from this, various Arabic verses, poetry and parables are also incorporated in the Arabic literature.

How are Arabic studies taught?

Arabic is a difficult subject and it is all the more difficult to study and understand the subject on your own. Due to this reason a large number of individuals, who wish to learn the subject, take the help of various teachers in this respect. Apart from this, a large number of institutions are also available where Arabic teaching is done formally. For formal studies individuals studying in these institutions receive a certificate of degree after their course.

A large number of books facilitating Arabic studies are also available. These books are mainly available in a Quran Academy. Arabic Books help the Arabic learners to grab a greater insight towards the subject. Besides Quran Academies these books are also available in various online websites. Some of them are available in the form of free PDF files while some others are charged with a minimum sum.

Arabic Studies made easy with online websites

With the advancement of technology, various online websites assisting Arabic Teaching came in to existence. These websites help the Arabic learners have a better knowledge about Quran and Islam. Some of these websites also have such facilities by which an aspiring Arabic learner can easily learn the subject on his own. Most of these websites are free while some charge a nominal sum for the purpose. The online tutors of the paid websites also offer classes for Arabic studies known as a Quran Class.

Besides Arabic Literature Arabic language is also taught in these websites. Moreover various CD’s and DVD’s also expedite the process of learning. Arabic Teaching has gained all the more predominance because many individuals wish to learn Arabic Language in order to carry out trade in the Middle Eastern Countries.

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