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Some Requirements During the Camping

by zelliwillshon

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Don’t be bother about instruments when you have to go out in camping. All
needs would be full fill through a nearby army surplus store. There are some of
them mentioned below which are so essential during a camp.


Sleep and

How important is sleep and rest when you are in the
outdoors? No matter what pursuits you are following, hunting, fishing, survival
course, it is essential you get sleep and rest. To get the best sleep and rest
you are going to need a little comfort on the ground. At Army Surplus we have a
wide selection of sleeping bags and Bivvi bags for you to choose from. Make
sure you check out the emergency blankets which offer great value for money. We
also stock mosquito nets and hammocks for your comfort. Browse through the
selection now and make sure you are comfortable for your sleep and rest in the
great outdoors.


Rope and

Rope and shelter are essential for all in the outdoors,
maybe you are on an outward bound course or a weekend survival course you are
going to need rope and shelter. Here at Army Surplus we stock some of the
essential ropes and carabinas and bungee cords. Take a look at the Mil-Com
Basha shelter this is designed to be an emergency y sleeping bag cover/shelter
or an emergency carrying sheet, it is fully waterproof. Take a look at the
British Army Individual Protection Kit, great value for money for any emergency
shelter requirements. Check out the different types and sizes of rope available
here at Army Surplus too.



Anyone who spends time in the great outdoors or goes on
hunting trips needs cooking equipment, you don't want to be carrying bulky
cooking equipment that's why at Army surplus you will find lots of neat
lightweight cooking equipment perfect for the outdoors. Billy cans and field
stoves along with fire starter kits that fit snugly into your back pack. We
stock British Army mess tins as well as French and Yugoslavian Army mess tins,
the choice is yours. With the great affordable prices on all cooking equipment
Army Surplus is the place to stock up for all your outdoor cooking equipment.



Eat and

We all need to eat and drink when engaging in outdoor
pursuits. Army Surplus has a vast range of food and drink essentials. From
essentials like water bottles to a full Web-Tex Aquatex hydration pack; these
are suitable for all hikers, walkers, bikers, and a whole host of other
activities. They are comfortable to wear all day providing the hydration you
need. How about cutlery and bowls and plates, Army Surplus has it covered, take
a look through the range of eating accessories you will be pleasantly surprised
at the value for money offered on these essential items.


Personal Care

We all need to look after ourselves when following outdoor
pursuits, take a look at the range of items we have here at Army Surplus for
your personal care. It is important to make sure before leaving on any trip
whether it is hunting, fishing or a survival trip that you have stocked up with
the essential personal care items too. The fantastic Web-Tex washing kit
includes all that you need for a wash and shave complete in its own zip case
with an acrylic mirror. Items like lip balm and sewing kits are all essential.
Army Surplus has this covered, take a look now and get your personal care



When spending time in the great outdoors for any length of
time you need to know that you have the correct tent for you and your party to
sleep in. It can be very cold at night out in the open with extremes of weather
battering anything in its path. Army Surplus offer a range of tents to suit
your needs when spending time doing outdoor pursuits whether it is hunting,
fishing, survival courses or other outdoor activities, you will find a tent to
suit your needs at military surplus store.
Quick and easy to erect pop up tents are the most popular type of tents for
outdoor activities.


You can also log-on to-:   for further information. When it comes to your
military equipments, you should enjoy nothing but the best.






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