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That Missing Tooth Can Be Replaced with a Tooth Implant

by suncitydental

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The loss of even a single tooth can impact your oral health, especially if the tooth was lost due to periodontal disease.  If you lose a front tooth, it would naturally affect the beauty of your smile. Thankfully though there is an aesthetic and safe solution for the problem of missing teeth. With a tooth implant, you get a replacement for your missing tooth and it looks and functions much like your natural, healthy teeth.


Is it important to get a missing tooth replaced?


There are cases where it may not be necessary to get every lost tooth in the dental arch. The actual choice to replace a tooth depends upon the impact of the lost tooth or teeth or the person’s lifestyle. It is good to go for a professional assessment (by a qualified dentist) to know the potential harm that could arise from the failure to replace or substitute the unit. People usually complain about teeth lost from the front of the mouth as these affect the appearance of a smile and the ability to speak properly. Loss of several posterior teeth may make mastication or chewing difficult. It is therefore necessary to replace such teeth.


Are you the right candidate for tooth implant surgery?


Anyone with good overall health and oral hygiene may go for tooth implant surgery. Old people who lose teeth due to the natural process of aging can also get a new set of healthy white teeth with dental implant surgery.


The treatment is not recommended for someone who smokes regularly. This is so because smoking has negative impacts on the flow of blood to bone and tissues that surround gums and teeth – this in turn impairs the healing of bone (where the implant is inserted). If the bone around the implant does not fuse with it and does not heal properly, the tooth implant is bound to fail. If you smoke, try to quit and make sure you ask your dentist about the steps that you can take to become a suitable candidate for the treatment.


Certain medicines that are typically prescribed for osteoporosis can cause problems in a successful dental implants treatment. Always disclose your medications (including over-the -counter and herbal medicines) to your dentist during your pre-treatment consultation.


As per your general health and medical history, your dentist helps you to determine the suitability of dental implants treatment for your missing tooth/teeth.


Dental Implant Treatments in Arizona


Treatments for dental implants in Arizona are typically performed by dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry though some experienced general dentists also offer the service. The titanium based tooth implant is veneered with a ceramic crown to give it the look of a natural tooth. Zirconium oxide ceramic is a high strength material and is particularly appropriate for single tooth crowns. Porcelain is an aesthetic alternative to ceramic.


The cost for a dental implants treatment in Arizona is usually higher in comparison to other alternatives for replacing teeth. But this is because of the numerous benefits that a tooth implant offers. Compared to conventional bridges and dentures, implants are more comfortable and they look and feel like natural teeth. Further, dental implants last longer than bridges and dentures.

Author Bio:

Rozar Peter is an associate of Dental Implants Arizona Center. In this article he explains how missing tooth can be replaced with a tooth implant.

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