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Hire best Camper Rentals MN for your holidays

by neilhopkin

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Camper Rentals specializes in renting out "Pop" up camper trailers throughout Minnesota. Most other RV rental business in Minnesota rent out larger RV and doesn’t bother renting out small pop up campers. That’s where we step in. We love these little things, because they are so simple, easy to use and affordable.
We supply clean, high quality campers to people for all sorts of reasons, including, vacations, outdoor events, family reunions, etc. We value our customers greatly. Our goal is for you to come back year after year and rent from us. We are not happy until you are happy.
After you schedule your camper, this is where you'll come to pick it up. We will meet you there and show you how to setup the camper. Be sure to bring a 2" ball for your trailer hitch, also be sure your break lights are working.

For the average family, renting just makes economic sense. Most of families realistically only use their campers once or twice per year with their busy lives. Let’s say you take your family on 1 nice week long camping trip per year. It’s going to cost you $400 to rent from us. How many times would you have to rent to pay for a new camper? Campers are like cars, in that they depreciate in value quickly after you purchase them.

This is why renting is so popular. You don't have to purchase, maintain, and store it. No yearly licensing fees, no insurance, no payments, and no storage fees. Just pick it up and drop it off. We take care of everything else. It’s a stress free transaction.
Allot of our customers are the type who like to go camping in tents, but just can't stand sleeping on the hard ground. You might be able to get away with it when you were 21 years old, but after age 40, most adults can get back problems sleeping on the ground. After a long night of sleeping, your back can get pretty soar. That’s the beauty of Pop-up campers. You get the full camping experience, without the achy back the next day. You still smell the fire at night, seeping into the camper. You smell the crisp air in the morning. You still hear all the sounds of the night. You still enjoy nature at its fullest, except your comfortably resting on a mattress. In the morning, you can cook breakfast on the grill and wash your hands in the sink. It’s the little things that take the edge off of camping, making it a more enjoyable experience.
Pop Up campers are a hybrid. They are somewhere in between a tent and a traditional full size RV. Modern, full size RV's bring all the comforts of home, indoor shower, microwave, oven, freezer couch, recliner, etc. No doubt that you'll have a more luxurious experience full a full size RV, but you won't get the full "camping" experience. You won't hear the leaves blowing at night (unless is really windy). You won't hear the squirrels running around. Plus, you'll pay for the luxury. Full size RVs can rent for over $1,300 per week. Compare that to the cost of renting out Pop-Up campers and you' realize your wallet will thank you.

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