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Your Kitchen Cabinets: Replace or Reface?

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When it’s time to refurbish your kitchen on a limited budget, you may want to pay more attention to the floors and the new granite counter than to your cabinets. However, having a great looking floor and a beautiful countertop may be counterproductive if your kitchen cabinets are dull, stained, falling apart, missing knobs, warped, or otherwise damaged. Even having “okay” cabinets in a droll, ordinary tract-house style can detract from the new appearance you are going for and fail to meet the criteria of your new home décor.  

If you can’t afford to replace your kitchen cabinets, and refinishing them would be about as productive as cutting holes out of your jeans, there are professionals who are expert at kitchen cabinets refacing in Toronto who can help. It’s possible to restore or redesign your existing kitchen cabinets through refacing. Toronto experts can help you to remove and add components to your existing cabinetry in order to make your kitchen renovation complete. Matching veneers, new handles or knobs, and components that match your new stone floor or your marble countertop can reduce the costs of renovating your kitchen without the hassle of purchasing and installing brand new custom cabinets.  

Some homeowners merely want to upgrade their kitchen cabinets and are not renovating the entire kitchen. For these kinds of needs, hiring kitchen cabinets refacing experts from Toronto to replace doors, veneers, and other cabinetry parts while keeping the basic cabinetry boxes is a far less expensive solution. Whether you are seeking a basic upgrade in order to fix aging or damaged cabinets in your kitchen, or you are seeking an entirely different appearance to match your new interior design, both can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time (usually, in less than one week). Your kitchen can look completely new without the expense.  

Often, kitchen cabinets refacing is the best solution for homeowners not only because it saves money, but also because it is the most practical. In many situations, most of the wear and damage occurs on the exterior surfaces of the cabinetry, and the boxes are fine. Replacing everything with brand new custom cabinets is therefore wasteful – both of materials and money. The major impetus for most homeowners, however, when presented with the dilemma as to whether to replace or reface, is that kitchen cabinets refacing in Toronto is less costly than replacing cabinets. The monetary motive is a powerful one, especially if the boxes are in great shape – in many instances, it makes far more sense economically and pragmatically to reface cabinets rather than to replace them.  

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