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Cleaning And Blind Repairs

by anonymous

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You mention venetian blinds to most cleaners and they are going to scowl - understandably. They don't have lovely history with cleaners! Venetian blinds are readily left out of the every day office neat, which usually proves to be a mistake when blind cleaning time finally comes around. venetian blind cleaning

It takes a couple of minutes one time a week to go over blinds, but it could save the business a immense expense in replacing unusable, dirty blinds, or the cost and upheaval of having a professional blind-cleaner take the blinds away to neat. blind repairs

Now let's think about that for a moment. The sun floods in and what do you see? You see what you have been breathing through for the last few months. Curtains and blinds don't keep out the sun and chilled, they also filter the air they breathe.

It is usually around spring-cleaning time that this happens. The sun finally comes out of hiding and blazes through the windows, only to must do battle with piles of dust and sticky grime that has not been touched in a year. Suddenly everyone cares about the blinds again then!

That most people would throw elderly, dirty blinds away, shows how tiny people like cleaning them!

Having spent a fair amount of money on installing office blinds in the first place it seems foolish to not keep them neat. Could you imagine not cleaning your table for a year? I hope not! So why only neat your blinds one time a year?

As with everything, a tiny and often definitely pays off.

Venetian Blinds

Keep venetian blinds neat each day with an electrostatic cloth as well as a cloth dampened with water and laundry conditioner, or a dampened tumble-drier sheet. The laundry conditioner is anti-static, so it will repel dust and fragrance the office.

Close the blinds and gently stroke the blinds with the duster or tumble-drier sheet from top to bottom. When you have covered the whole set of blinds, turn them so the slats are all facing the other way and, again, stroke the blinds from top to bottom using the electrostatic duster.

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